Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wake Forest Graduation Cookies to Benefit Wounded Warrior Project

I hadn't planned to bake cookies over Mother's Day weekend; however,
a sweet girl at work asked if I would create graduation cookies for her
husband who's graduating from Wake Forest University this weekend... So,
because she agreed to my terms, I baked the cookies! What are my terms?
A donation to Wounded Warrior Project in honor of Fallen Rangers
of our Ranger's 3rd Ranger Battalion at Ft. Benning. That's my price for
coworkers and friends that ask for my cookies. It's the only reward that makes
all the effort and hard work worth it. It's also the only reward that matters to me...
By the way, this mortar board with tassel cutter by was
perfect! And, the shape was super-easy to decorate. I usually bake a few extra
cookies to practice on and, here you can see I drew an outline to guide me...
But it wasn't necessary at all because all I had to do was add the
last line to the rectangle for a perfect mortar board top every time!
Instead of flooding the entire cookie all at once, I used
the opportunity to decorate the top and bottom separately,
which created a natural looking definition. This means
that I could have skipped outlining the shape if I wanted...
But you know me...
I never miss an opportunity to add a little sanding sugar sparkle!
To learn more about Wounded Warrior Project, please
click here. And, to donate, please click here - Thank you!


  1. Gorgeous Graduation Cookies Janet! Love the sparkle the sanding sugar adds! How do you pipe the script so beautifully and consistently on each cookie?
    What I love most are your "Cookie baking Terms!" What a FABULOUS way to raise funds and awareness for the WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT!
    Your generosity never ceases to amaze me! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great cookies Janet! I am sure that the lucky graduate will be very happy with them. xx


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