Thursday, December 5, 2013

Martha by Mail Seashore Copper Cookie Cutter Set... And, other presents!

Don't you just love it when you come home and find presents waiting?!
I know I do! And, today was a bonanza of truly Good Things!
When I was asked a couple of weeks ago what I'd like to have and do for our 28th
wedding anniversary next week, I gave Army dad my standard answer and brief
rundown of the latest set of Martha by Mail cookie cutters on e-Bay that I simply
could not live one more day without! The seller was amazing because not only did
she accepted my offer of $175, she also surprised me by upgrading the shipping so
that they arrived today! As you can see, it's the Seashore set and, I couldn't wait
to see them in person... There are so many Martha by Mail sets I am dying to add
to my collection that tragically, I've never seen up close! However, there is a silver
lining to this sad fact, because when I finally do see them it's like I'm seven years
old and about to unwrapped the present I hoped to receive for Christmas the most!
Oh, my goodness! Are you dying? How beautiful are these cutters?! I am
beyond excited to finally be able to add them to my collection! Oh, and I
cannot wait to use them either! This set features a crab, horn shell, starfish
scallop shell and a conch shell. I've been dreaming about creating and
decorating sea-inspired cookies with this collection forever. And, now I can!
The next present waiting for me this evening took me completely by
surprise and honestly... Made me cry! You see, it's a thank you gift from
one of my recent Oui, Sugar! on-line marketplace customers, Patti who
lives in Utah! I don't mind telling you... I work really hard and put a lot of
care into the products I offer and my packaging. I also get a huge kick out of
surprising my customers with a little goodie they don't expect to receive. Of
course, I have received my fair share of wonderfully positive feedback... But,
for a customer to go so far as to return the appreciation I always hope they
feel when they receive and unpack their order is simply overwhelming!
Patti seems to know me because I love the Martha by Mail Bee and Hive
logo and I cannot imagine anything sweeter than creating and decorating
beehive shaped cupcakes! But Patti isn't just my customer, I shared her
with my friend David and now that I know Patti's great state of Utah
is the beehive state, I understand why she was so excited to pick up a
set of David's charming Bee and Hive copper cookie cutters!
Lastly, but certainly not least... I received my first Christmas card in the mail
today and couldn't wait to put it in the card holder under my advent tree! But
this wasn't your average Christmas card... This was an event! In fact, it took me a
half hour to read it and take in all the wonderful post cards tucked inside! So who
sent this card? It's my friend Amy, who lives in England! I met Amy through my
blog! She's a wonderful reader who always takes an extra moment to leave me
the sweetest comments. Amy recently began publishing her own blog and I
hope you'll pop over to show her some love. I've been sworn to secrecy about
something amazing Amy is going to share via her blog on December 16th...
However, I can tell you this... If you're as crazy about the PBS television
series Downton Abbey as I am, you are NOT going to want to miss it!


  1. Janet, you are so kind! Glad that you liked the cards, I thought they might appeal to you. Love the cutters of course - lovely Army Dad! How nice of your lovely customer to send you the beehive tin too, you know of course that we will be waiting to see the cakes that you bake! Happy Anniversary to you and Army Dad. xx

    1. Amy, I'll be pouring over the postcards for a LONG time to come and I promise, they will go into my Downton Abbey coffee table book - They are the PERFECT keepsake! Thank you, Thank you!


  2. Thank you for sharing Janet. Yes i agree Totally when someone puts their Extra Love into what they Represent and it shows with care..These are the Things we Treasure most.. Thoughtfulness,Love,Kindness! My Motto as Julia would Say.

    1. Loving your motto, Darlene! Thank you, it thrills me to know you're reading along!


  3. Oh, Janet; what lovely distractions, just when you need them the most! Enjoy them, just as I know you will. <3

  4. Thank you, Nancy! You're right, after learning about the delay, I needed these goodies today. While I'm not happy that we aren't on our way to see Ranger today, I'm thrilled to have been home to catch all this wonderful mail! Thank you for your love and support! xo


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