Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A television for my new bathroom... Almost!

Last night, as I admired the wall shelf in my new Spa-bath I mentioned
how great it would be to add a television for those long soaks I enjoy so
much. After a little discussion, I thought I made some progress chipping
away at his zero-interest in having a television in the bathroom. I even
took his, we'll see what I can do as a promise that I might find a new
television waiting for me when I got home from work this evening...
Well, I found a new television waiting for me after work this evening...
Only, it's not in the bathroom!
Clearly, he'll do anything to not give me a television in the bathroom! I
can't be too cross with him though... After all, he knows I have a huge cookie
project beginning this week and the last time I created cookies until 3AM, I
did say that having a television to keep me company would have helped... So
maybe this is a good thing. What wasn't such a good thing was hearing him
say he believes I asked for a television in the bathroom just to get him
to install one in the kitchen for me. Ha! If only I was that cleaver...
Honestly, he's way off-base there; however, seeing how quickly he
installed a television in my kitchen and how this piece I've been
asking him to hang for months got put up too... Does make me
wonder what else I might get accomplished around the house...
By pushing the bathroom television issue a little while longer!
What about you... What's on your honey-do list?


  1. Wonderful strategy!Enjoy! Hope you get your hearts desire.

  2. Janet, love your new kitchen TV! Your hubby rocked it! He's got his priorities straight! Kitchen TV up first to get you through the marathon cookie bake.......Bathroom TV up second AFTER the cookie bake when he knows you'll be needing some serious SPA time! Ha Ha!

    My honey do list is a mile long......up next moving a million file boxes up stairs to my new office!

    Love the new shelves in the bathroom too! PERFECTO!

  3. I love the idea of a television in the kitchen and with all the time you spend there you need one!

    Love that pot rack over the door. I would never have thought to use a pot rack as a decorative item. Very smart!

    By the way, what is the box on the door way?

    Love your blog, read every day so please update more!

  4. I love you, Alice - Thank you!

    Leah - Thank you, I'm very happy. I was creating cookies to donate to the BIKE MS bake sale for 14 hours yesterday so I did enjoy the TV!

    Alex - Thank you for your kind words.

    And, the box inside the doorway is a glass-break sensor. The back of our home is all glass (solarium and large french doors leading into the kitchen), so if someone were to break into our home by coming through the glass without disturbing the door sensors, the alarm would still go off based upon the sound of breaking glass.

    Thank you all for reading - it thrills me to know you're reading along!



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