Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

Look who just came home!
And it appears that he's as serious about avoiding paint chips as ever!
This proves he is the Captain's grandson...
And his mother's son!
Because the three of us are all a little crazy about protecting
the things we love. As a matter of fact, the Ranger knows I'd
wrap him in bubble wrap if I thought I could get away with it!
Look! Even the garden knows it's a happy day around here!
So while he strips the tape off his bimmer...
I'm going to cook up a storm of some of his favorites!
Because he made it home just in time for dinner!
Oh, and guess where the Bing will be sleeping tonight?
Now that his buddy's back home!
Welcome Home!


  1. Does the Ranger tape up his front end every time he goes on a road trip? You know what to get him for Christmas now LOL. He's looking good (so does that frosted cake in the cake plate LOL) Enjoy your visit.

  2. Yup, it's a road-trip thing, Paula. He drove nearly 550 miles home today from Columbus, GA. He won't consider a bra for the car - this is just his thing. :)

    Thank you, I am very happy he's home! I only wish I could keep him!

  3. I have never seen anything like that! =) I love it. Is that painters tape?
    Glad Ranger is home for a visit! =)

  4. I've not seen this before...but smart with the tape~ lol
    He loves that car...
    Enjoy his visit home...Isn't it wonderful when they miss you and want to visit! :c)

  5. Hi Janet~

    So happy you get to visit with your Ranger. I was so happy reading this post.=!!!

    Mary Kay


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