Monday, April 9, 2012

Outside Spring-time Cleaning

Somebody was very busy around the house today... When I rolled in from
work this evening I found the house, deck and solarium had been pressure-
washed and, there was even a little message waiting for me on the driveway!
Some husbands leave cards, others send flowers... Mine writes on the dirty
driveway with his pressure washer. After twenty-seven years together I'm just
grateful he still feels inspired to make the effort! Speaking of making an effort...
On a break from driveway writing, he mowed too!
So many new things are blooming!
Inside too!
Shhhhh... Please don't tell him!
Because if he knew I was murdering his bloomers,
the message I find later might be a little different!


  1. That driveway message is THE BEST!!!

  2. You are not 'murdering' them, you are saving them from the impending freeze.

  3. If only he could teach my husband that trick! Our yard could use a little TLC! Or a lot of TLC...

  4. What a lovely sentiment written with a power washer no less. Score one for the husband. Love the irises inside and out. Any day now I expect to see a magazine spread of your place with the caption of "Yes You Can DIY" They did. Love your yard and home. Thanks for sharing pics with us.


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