Sunday, September 11, 2011

Saturday Finds

Golden Antiques in Summerfield, the antique mall where we
found the map I love so much hosted a community yard sale yesterday!
You remember the map, right? Well, since we always seem to find something worth
dragging home, (like this sign) we decided to take a ride out to Summerfield! 
The sale did not disappoint... There were a lot of people selling all sorts of
great treasures. Truthfully, the only thing yard-sale about it was the low
prices. I'm hoping that Golden Antiques considers making it an annual event!
This little set caught my eye so I grabbed it. I initially only wanted the pitcher, but
was happy with the dealer's offer to sell me all three pieces for only $10. I can't
wait to fill the pitcher with tulips! It's heavy Greenwood China. This set was
manufactured for the Stonega coal camp hospital in Virginia. Read about
about that here. I love it when there's a story that comes along with a find!
I also picked up this holy water holder made in Italy for only $4!
After Summerfield, we decided to take a little drive to Asheboro. I wasn't
in the mood to visit the zoo so we walked downtown and wandered through
some of the antique shops. We found a few things of interest. Some scary...
Some that made us just wonder why...
And other stuff sure to light up any room!
I found only one thing I had to bring home...
Because I had the perfect spot for it!
I couldn't believe it... I've been searching for a rooster for, Forever!
And now... I have one! Willie-pig looks pretty happy about it too!
Totally worth the last minute detour trip to Asheboro from Summerfield!
Such a good, quiet rooster!

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  1. I never tire of looking at photos with your map in it. Just so gorgeous. So happy you found your rooster and your little kitchen corner looks wonderful with all the animals together (love your aprons btw).
    The pitcher set is lovely! The brief history of the coal camps was interesting. Love that some camps formed a band and that they started ball teams...hiring good ball players as employees to improve their chances of winning! Wonder how may ill miners and children were nursed back to health with water from your pitcher!


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