Monday, September 12, 2011

If the bird feeder is rockin'...

Standing at the kitchen sink just now, I noticed the bird feeder rocking again...
Which can only mean it's Chippy's dinner time. I'm
telling you, I can practically set my watch by him!
I love him. Or should I say them... Because there are literally dozens
of them zipping around in the gardens. I don't mind though... I only
wonder why we even go to the effort of filling the the bird feeders...
Because it would certainly be easier for him if we just poured the
blackoil sunflower seed down his little tunnel by the AC unit!
Easier for him, but so much less fun for me!


  1. Janet~
    That is adorable!
    I love chipmunks!
    How did you get such close up shots?
    Love the one where he's coming up through the hole.
    Your backyard is paradise for furry and feathered creatures~

  2. That is the cutest little chipmunk I have ever seen! can you catch him for me? lol

  3. Love the shot you captured of him/her with just his/her head protruding from the feeder (with cheeks full of food).

    We have lots of chipmunks here too and this year seeing a lot more bunnies than we usually do. Love watching them :)

  4. Great pictures!!! He looks very happy with his dinner :-)


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