Tuesday, April 19, 2011

CLEAN keeps on Giving!

I don't mind telling you that since I dropped the weight, I am asked (a lot) about
how I did it. Of course, my answer is always the same and so perfectly simple...
I discovered CLEAN (here) and it works! Of course, I also share my
eating plan and what works for me in the snacking department too! 
 So what does all this have to do with the pretty pink bag I found at my desk this
afternoon? Well, I'll tell you! Two of the ladies I've shared CLEAN with are doing
super-well... One is down over 20 pounds in her first month, and another coworker
is down eight pounds in her first week! They are both so excited about CLEAN that
they brought me these goodies as thanks; along with a gift card to our favorite Spa!
Guess whose having a French pedicure on her day off this Friday?

I'm filing this under Things I Love... Because I love CLEAN
and I especially love all the amazing people I work with!


  1. Niiiice. I guess you are a walking advertisement:)

  2. Wow! Don't you love it when you know you've made a difference is someone's life?? You are such an inspiration. Enjoy your spa time!

  3. What a sweet gesture. Seems like they love you as much as I do!

    Enjoy it because you deserve it.

  4. You are such an INSPIRATION Janet!
    I'm getting a pedi today too!
    What color are you getting...or are you getting a French! Let me know...I can't decide!
    What SWEET co~workers you have!
    You would be a BLAST to work with!
    I love it that they gave you POP~chips...your fave!
    You are a TREAT!
    I am blessed to know and HEART you!
    ENJOY the day off!


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