Sunday, April 24, 2011


Following our Easter lunch we wandered down to the pond to feed the fish and
watch for a while. After all, this is my favorite time of the year for pond-watching
since the mosquitos have yet to find me. Plus, there's a lot going on there right now! 
The fish are awake, and the water plants are reaching for the sky!
And... The frogs are back! Do you see her? I say her because I thought what I
saw was a frog sitting on a rock. Then I got a little closer and the frog jumped...
Off the other frog! Mrs. Frog is still under her leafy, maple-umbrella. Mr. Frog is
the guy you see hopping toward the water fall in the middle/top of this photo!
At least I hope they're Mr. and Mrs.!
Otherwise, this is one very naughty froggy!
Either way, I am sorry for the interruption of their fun!
I'll go now and leave them to their business of populating our pond with tadpoles!
I have to say though... If I were a frog living by our pond...
This would be the spot for me! Just look at that lush, tiny bed of moss being
shaded by the little Japanese maple tree sprout. It's story-book-land perfect!

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