Friday, January 2, 2009

Shopping leads to Cooking!

Stopped by Williams-Sonoma today after I received their e-mail this morning Offering 10% additional off their sale items. Brandon's Christmas gift to me was a Williams-Sonoma gift card (he knows what I like!) so I couldn't resist the pit-stop. I found these Fabulous toile placemats that were a Must-have! A fellow Blogger I know (who photographs/blogs everything she eats) had a photo posted last week of similar placemats and while these are not as exactly the same (her placemats are the same Toile pattern but were sold last summer so they are hot pink on a shocking lime green background) I love these muted colored ones Even more! It was a great shopping-Stop, especially because it Inspired me to cook. Oh, yes! Read on...
Normally $14.99 each, today just $6.99, less 10%. The other
ones are hard placemats on  heat-resistant cork and will Last
forever! Those are a set of four. Usually $45.00, today just $21.99
Merry Christmas to me from Brandon!
I couldn't believe it when I noticed jars of W-S Cioppino on Sale too! Usually
$16.00 a jar, but on sale today for only $11.00, plus I had my 10% off coupon
with me. Adding up all the Seafood this recipe requires and I have everything
I need now to serve the Best $50.00 bowl of Cioppino east of San Francisco!
Ha ha... Usually, I'm happy to make my own Cioppino base, but not Today! 
now, that's a Haul and sure to do Williams-Sonoma proud!
now that, that smells like Summer to me!
I didn't add Fresh corn to the chowders I made last night but I won't
be making that mistake again tonight with the Cioppino - Oh, No!
Bing just popped up and his Face says: I smell Fish!
and, take a Look at just who is egging Bing on in his Quest for fish! Will
he also be Helping me disinfect the counter tops now? Probably 
not... but look at that sweet Face! It's worth the extra work...
are you Sure you don't want to share with me, Mom?
and, this is why Mr. Bing is sniffing around the kitchen...
that's more Crab than I need but it may work out just Fine if
Brandon keeps slipping it to his little Buddy over there!
all that's Left is to heat the Cioppino base and get cooking - Yum!
and now we... Cover it all up and wait! Why? because someone isn't home like
he said he would be... Check back later for the Finished results and service. Men!

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