Sunday, January 18, 2009

the Best things in Life are...

It's been a Full day! I skipped out on the Housework I had planned for yesterday to go to a Baby shower that I was invited to - and I'm so glad I did because it was a lot of Fun and I do so Love the mommy-to-be! But there was no Skipping out or letting myself off the hook today... I did so much cooking and Baking over the last six months and all my poor little Kitchen ever asks of me in return is for a little Cleaning. So that's exactly what I did today. Most people say the Best things in Life are Free but I think the Best things in life are Clean. Ha!

Before my little Clean-fest began I decided to take a short walk around
the Property... My friend, CRH remarked the other night during our Phone-chat
that it's been far too Long since she's seen my Gardens or the little Critters we have
living around the Property. I told her that's because the Critters are hiding and everything
else is so Ugly this time of year I don't venture out into the Yards much... Unless it's to Soak in
the jacuzzi on the Deck... I explained that knowing what it Looks like out there now, Compared to
to how beautiful things normally are the rest of the year just Depresses me... But just for her, I
ventured outside a little this Morning to take pictures just to Prove my sad little point. I do so
love, Love my Koi pond and Garden in the spring and Summer when they Look like this:  
Now? Not so much! One word... Brrrrrrrr!
You might appreciate why I much Prefer this...
... to this! It's just about this time of Year when I begin to doubt that our
beautiful Garden and pond will ever come back! It's also the time of Year that
he has to begin Reminding me that nothing is dead.... He says, it's just sleeping. Well,
I don't know about Sleeping because, to me, this sure looks like a Coma!
the pond looks Almost as bad as my poor Oven! This is what it Looks like
following a Full autumn and Holiday cooking and Baking season... Now the fine
folks at Kitchenaid told me I was buying a Self-cleaning oven, but I've tried it their way
before, and the results indicated what I actually bought is a Clean it your Own-Self oven! So
that's what I do... me and my trusty can of No fume Easy-off. Together, We get it done!
It wasn't all work and No play today! While my easy-Off worked its
magic we went to Breakfast and then stopped in at Costco for a book
to take on my Trip next week. My neighbor gave me a Great book I will
read on the flights going; however, I wanted another for my Flights back
and I knew just which One to get too... Had to be my Girl, Ann Coulter! 
Ann Coulter... I hail you!
Massage tables, Garden sheds and fitness Equipment... You know
what this Means, right? Spring has arrived at my Costco - Yea!
See that there laying on the glass of my Oven? That is my Secret oven
Cleaning weapon that I've used for years and years. It's a flat Razor and
Nothing beats it for Removing stubborn glass Splatters and cleaning racks!
This is for my friend, EB... She e-mailed me last night to Ask what I
use to Clean my hardwood floors. She said she's using Swiffer but she's
Not happy with it. I won't use Swiffer because I was told the solution might
be Toxic to cats and Dogs (causes Liver failure and death) and well, that's just
a Risk I'm not willing to take with Bing... So I use Bona, a Swedish floor cleaning
system the guy that installed our new Floors recommended to me. Of course, he
charged $50 for the first bottle of Cleaner and a simple pole with the Microfiber
pad attached to it. Since then, though I found this much better, handy-Dandy Bona 
solution sprayer handle system that works So much better. I hunt this stuff down
and Buy everything I find wherever I find it. I recently found a whole case of the
solution Cartridges that plug into the front of my sprayer handle at this Funky
little surplus store in Kernersville. Usually, I pay $9-13.00 per cartridge but 
there I paid only $2.99 each! I bought the whole case and all the Bottles
of cleaning solution they had. I recently figured out that I am able to
refill the Cartridges, which makes me Very happy. Bona's the Best!
Ta-da! Ready for another Glorious year of Cooking and baking at Janet's!
me to pull my Fireking Jadite mugs out of the cabinet and Display them on the
bottom of the Plate rack I have over the Kitchen table. Seeing Pioneer Woman's
collection of Fireking Jadite also inspired me to add more pieces to my Collection!
It doesn't get any Cleaner than this! My stove-top and Oven, and the
Microwave oven are cleaner now than the Day they were installed!
take a Good look now because my little Kitchen will likely not look
like this when I get back from California in a couple of weeks! 
He'll just have to take me Out to dinner tonight because
there's no way I'm messing up my Kitchen now!

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