Friday, January 9, 2009

a Fabulous birthday dinner...

Dinner this evening at Ruth's Chris in Greensboro was Flawless, as usual... Petite filets topped with Grilled shrimp, Yum! I couldn't come home without a Shrimp for my Bing-buddy. The only problem was bringing home a Shrimp because clearly, this faces says More shrimp, please!
a Caesar salad to start for me...
we each ordered our Own broccoli, and he added
the Corn pudding to his meal, which I can do without...
there are those Buttery filets!
one word, Swee-Eat!
two words for this... Very sweet!
Normally, I'd order the Cheesecake or something Chocolate but since we don't
care for Espresso, the chocolate espresso Cake is always a No-go, and since the
cheesecake with Berries is literally a Whole cheesecake and way too much for just Moi,
and not something he'll share, we always meet in the middle and order the warm Apple tart
Help me... I'm melting!

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