Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Post Cards from Paradise!

In my last post I mentioned that the post cards I bought in Nassau
had still not been delivered... A full two weeks since being mailed!
But today they showed up... Here and every where else I
sent them! I'm really happy about this, especially since
each post card cost me $3 and I mailed 43 of them!
And yes, I always send my husband one to
remind him of all the places in the world he was loved!


  1. I'm glad it arrived. I recently received a postcard from New Zealand that took over 2 months to arrive!! Nearly three months in fact when I think about it! I wonder where they go - perhaps they take their own vacations! xx

  2. So glad they arrived. I'm sure they will be much appreciated by all the recipients.Here's to another year of loving your blog and looking forward to each and every post when they arrive in my email box.Hugs


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