Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Join Me and Do You with the Evolution Fresh {#3DaysToGreen} Movement Challenge!

You know how they say there are no coincidences in life, only things that happen either because of the energy you project or they were just meant to be? Well, I believe that. And, once again, my belief was validated after I wrote this post about my effort to take control of my health/weight and then was almost immediately challenged by Evolution Fresh to join their #3DaysToGreen Movement and, share it with you!

Now, you already know that I invested in a juicer last year - And, while I had the best intentions of juicing my way back to health every day... Let's be honest... Juicing is expensive. Juicing is time consuming. Juicing is also messy. And worst of all, in addition to what you'll spend in money and time, on top of the mess... To be really beneficial, green juice often tastes really bad too! Bottom line, anything that adds another to-do to my already enormous list and makes me hold my nose in order to choke it down, ain't gonna happen!

Then, there are the calories to consider. Especially when your reason for juicing is tied to a weight loss goal - Because making green juice something you actually want to drink often requires adding a ton of fruit, which adds loads of carbs and calories - Thereby largely defeating the purpose of juicing at all! Also, if you're like me and have a sensitivity to artificial sweeteners and wouldn't put that stuff in your body any way... You're really stuck!
So there she sits, my pretty little juicer... A whole year old and never used to produce a single drop of healthy green juice! Now, to my credit, it's never been used to create any decadent, candy-laden milkshakes either. Still, there she sits... Just another thing to wipe down and a daily reminder of last year's broken resolution to drink healthy green juice! 

Fortunately, Evolution Fresh has the answer for all of us daunted by the investment and process of juicing, because they've done all the work for us! And, not only do their juices taste fantastic, they are cold pressed and made with only locally sourced produce!
The juice is indeed greener at Evolution Fresh, with more than one pound of green vegetables and 10 grams of sugar or less per serving in a selection of Evolution Fresh green juices including: Sweet Greens and Lemon, Essential Greens with Lime, Organic Sweet Greens and Ginger, and Smooth Greens. Plus there’s nothing added... No preservatives, No sweeteners  and No added flavors... Not even the natural kind!
Now, I have a slight confession to make... Although I was invited to share news of Evolution Fresh juices, (kitchens, snacks and so much more!) with you much earlier this month, I've kept it to myself because I want to make clear that Evolution Fresh has nothing to do with those resolutions that get shoved down our throat the moment the clock strikes midnight on December 31st! No, Evolution Fresh is about clean, healthy living for a Lifetime - Much like the program I embarked on last April when I decided to regain control over my weight by reframing my thoughts about food and stopped using what I eat to manage my emotions!

So... Evolution Fresh is challenging everyone to join their 3 Days to Green Movement – Drinking one green juice a day for three days to take a big step toward a better self and a new, good-for-us habit. What’s more, you have the chance to WIN prizes with Evolution Fresh by visiting this page and entering here from January 2nd through February 28th! And, if you read their story, you'll see Evolution Fresh isn't going anywhere... So slow down, focus and forget those get-thin-quick gimmicks that make up the billion-dollar diet industry. Instead, turn to real food that's real good for you. Food like, Evolution Fresh!

Evolution Fresh juices are now available at Albertsons but they can also be found at Starbucks, Harris Teeter and Whole Foods stores, just to name a few. While Albertsons would be my first choice if I still lived on the Monterey Peninsula, we don't have one nearby... So, I grab my Evolution Fresh juice here at Whole Foods!
Of course, if I were stocking Evolution Fresh according to its
ingredients, that display at Whole Foods would look more like this!
Once you get started with the #3DaysToGreen Movement challenge I know you'll fall in love with how effortless and delicious it is to make Evolution Fresh green juices a daily habit like I have. Three days, three Evolution Fresh green juices was all it took for me to notice a real improvement in my energy level and overall feeling of vibrancy and wellness - Which is everything I want for you too! So what are you waiting for? Take the pledge to do You like I have here!

Speaking of good habits... Many of you wrote regarding this post on my invitation to share what I've learned since beginning my journey to better health, which so far has resulted in a --- pound (and counting) weight loss. And, while I still receive several e-mails a day and am happy to answer every one, I realized that some of you may be too shy to ask. So because I cannot think of a better partner than Evolution Fresh to help kick off the topic of what's working for me, I'm sharing a few tips from my own program that you can employ as you embark on your own journey with the Evolution Fresh #3DaysToGreen Movement Challenge today!
  • Narrow food exposure. They call this "stimulus narrowing" in medically managed weight loss. This is where Evolution Fresh green juices come in especially handy since they are nutritious, pre-made and portable. This means you stay properly nourished without being exposed to and/or handling foods that could trigger unhealthy eating  
  • Listen to your body. Your body will tell you when it is hungry and when it is full. Eating according to what your body is telling you is key to losing weight and allowing your body to find its natural weight for maintenance - Where it will stay as long as you eat according to your physical needs and not your emotional needs
  • Do not use food to manage your emotions or the emotions of others. When you feel the urge to eat outside of physical hunger; ask yourself, "How do I feel and what do I need right now?", "Am I turning to food to make myself disappear from a problem or numb emotions because of something someone said or did to me?" If the answer is yes or even I don't knowfind something else to do besides eat... Always taking into account that doing nothing at all or being emotionally uncomfortable for a while is the answer until the urge to abuse/punish/soothe yourself with food passes. The good news is that feelings, just like cravings will pass. Also, taking a break from the habit of eating your feelings provides an opportunity for emotional growth, Finally, none of us will starve in the time it takes to pause and formulate a new strategy for coping with our feelings and taking care of ourselves - So make the time to do this
  • Eat meals that fall into the four P's of healthful eating: Planned, Peaceful, Purposeful and Portion-controlled
  • Avoid eating anything that falls into the three G's of destructive eating: Grazing, Grabbing (and Going) and Gulping 
Notice that my plan does not mention any specific diet or instruction to exercise. This is because I have learned that what I weigh has NOTHING to do with what I eat and everything to do with how I feel and my reaction to those feelings. Now, because my plan to lose weight and keep it off deserves more explanation than I can offer in this sponsored post for Evolution Fresh, I promise to come back to this with you. In fact, I will begin a new series of posts dedicated solely to what's working for me beginning on February 2nd. Right after the Superbowl, which we all know is the last excuse of the holiday season to put off becoming a healthier version of ourselves... Before Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day and Easter roll around, right? So you get the point... There is never a perfect season to Do YOU; there is only now!

So... Until our next chat where I begin to expand on those five tips I just gave you, why not grab your Evolution Fresh green juice and START TODAY... After all, you're so worth it!

Disclaimer: I’m participating in the Evolution Fresh blogger campaign and received compensation as part of the program. All opinions about Evolution Fresh are my own and everything I share with you about my journey to health is hard-earned and all ME!


  1. I am with you. May not be the exact plan because I have to wait until I travel 50 miles to a WF. I hope a bottle of Evolution Fresh per day will cut back on my coffee pot per day fix I am using now. My teeth thank you right now.

    1. Margie - Thank you for reading along! Please check with the Evolution Fresh website for the store that's closer to you than your nearest Whole Foods, 50 miles away! I promise, there must be something closer!

      Enjoy the journey,



    2. Yes, there are stores closer--King Soopers. Our Albertson stores are closing. I went to WF first and my gosh they had them in the cooler by produce section (who knew) because I went to the juice and Odawalla cooler. Hmmm back to produce and chilled fresh cut up fruit cooler. Lovely!


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