Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Inn at Middleton Place, Charleston!

Following our stay at the Francis Marion in downtown Charleston, we headed over
to the Inn at Middleton Place where we're staying for the remainder of our visit
 This place reminds me so much of Big Sur's Post Ranch Inn!
Such a fantastic mix of the comfort and amenities we demand expected, dropped
right into the middle of a truly beautiful, and undisturbed natural surround!
#141, that's us! And PS... Look at those steps - This is extreme Inn-keeping!
No rolling up the housekeeping cart to the doors here! And yet, we found
that the maintenance and housekeeping crew here does a tremendous job!
Very private and so charming! If the Pacific was outside the window, you'd
swear you were staying at the Post Ranch Inn. And, if there was snow
on the ground, you'd swear this was a mountain cabin in Tahoe!
But it's 90+ degrees today! So we're clearly not in Tahoe... So we won't be having a fire!
However, we will be soaking up all this rustic charm!
And, spreading out in what is surprisingly a very
spacious room with plenty of closet space!
Look at this huge bathroom!
How do I keep getting so lucky with these tubs!?
If you enjoy soaking in a huge tub like I do,
the Inn at Middleton Place is for both of us!
How long has it been since you've been to a hotel that still uses real keys?
Where it's so quiet and peaceful...
Just steps away from beautiful and historic Middleton Place Plantation...
And where American alligators can be seen watching you eat your breakfast!
So while I admit that seeing alligators outside the windows of the Lake House
dining room where we ate breakfast takes me a little outside of my comfort zone...
We can't not recommend the Inn at Middleton Place!


  1. It sounds like you will definitely get some R&R in that beautiful place. I'm like you in the dining with alligators, not my forte at all. The scenery is fabulous. Enjoy!and thanks for sharing.

  2. When I visited Middleton Place several years ago I never did see the alligators. However, a friend I was with was terrified that we *would* see them. We were walking one of the paths and heard a rustling in the azaleas and she pushed me - hard! - toward the bushes and started to take off!! It was just a squirrel, but for the rest of the time I teased her mercilessly about wanting to turn me into a gator snack! hahaha I was at least interested in *possibly* seeing them, but she was petrified. Which probably meant we should not have been walking around the property!

  3. What a relaxing place. Hope the rest of the trip is great.

  4. Wow! The (eclectic) exterior of this Inn is very deceiving as it gives no hint to the beautiful charm that makes up the interior suites. Love your room and that swimming pool overlooking the water...gorgeous!


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