Sunday, July 3, 2011

Charleston Antique Shop Find!

We're home! And, as wonderful as the Francis Marion and the Inn at Middleton Place
were, it is always so, so, so good to be back in our own bed again! Bing is very happy
to have us home too. He hasn't stopped bitching talking to us since we walked in
the door. So... Before I get busy with unpacking and the laundry and of course,
making our absence up to Bingee through lots of hugs, kisses and Fancy
Feast, I thought I'd show you something Army Dad found in one of the
antique shops we stopped at on the way home. He said it was a must-
have for the garage. Small Car Only. Oh, he's such a funny guy!


  1. Love that sign. ;) So nice of him to get it for you and your car.

  2. Perfect for your garage! Coopers are so sweet.
    Have a Blessed Independence Day!

  3. Great find, love the sign. Personally I think that beautiful little Cooper needs it's very own little garage :)

  4. hee hee! I wonder if they make signs that say "Texas sized vehicles only" :-)


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