Sunday, March 20, 2011

Welcome Spring...

I've been impatiently waiting for you!
And what a Long wait it has been! A few weeks ago, after the
man I love poked holes aerated and spread poop organic compost
all over the yards, I feared things would never be pretty again...  
Thankfully, I was mistaken!
For today... The views have improved dramatically and I couldn't be happier!
He always says that in gardening, things have to look a little rough...
Before they can look amazing!
He also tells me that if I leave the gardening to
him, he'll leave the shopping and cooking to me!
So this morning I popped over to Whole Foods for a few things to throw
together a little snack to reward him for all his effort in the gardens!
Because not only did he dress up the gardens
for Spring, he dressed up porch-bunny too!
Everywhere I look now there are signs of spring!
Especially around the Birdhouses!
Looks like my Kansas State-colored birdhouse has its first tenant!
Which thrills me to no end!
I hope sweet Mr. Bluebird spreads the word to all his friends...
Because between this one, and the house in the front yard...
There are certainly enough rooms to fill!
And, there are more than enough juicy garden bugs
around here to feed several families of bluebirds!
Happy Spring!


  1. What beautiful photos! I love the bluebirds. And the food. My kinda food. :)

    I can't wait for spring to arrive in NW Iowa. We finally had RAIN last night and it is helping to get rid of the old dirty snow still hanging around...

    The mini coop is so cool!

  2. I love seeing the first signs of spring. Your pictures are beautiful. I too have a son who is in the Army, deployed year each time. I know how it feels to see part of your heart walking away. All the soldiers are in my prayers. I really enjoy your blog. Thanks!

  3. Oh Janet, I know I'm not supposed to covet...but I am coveting your bluebird guest!
    I am also envious of your bluebird houses!
    We have our simple little house up... and the weather is slowly warming... {some snow still covering parts of the yard... our 6' mounds of snow are down to two feet...}
    We've rarely seen bluebirds in our neighborhood...but I"m holding out some hope for a few to visit this year.
    I'll even tempt with those little wormies :o)

    Have a wonderful week, Janet!
    *Enjoy your spring joy*
    ps. Jason did get the job in Texas...
    He'll be leaving the first week of April.

  4. Love looking at your photos of Spring at your place. The snow is almost completely melted from our property but no sign of any buds yet.

  5. Your grass is so green and beautiful. I want to roll in it and get itchy all over!

  6. Wow... Love your post. So happy for you and T that spring has sprung and he's back to working the yard!!! Have really missed the posts of all he has been working on and what his latest creations are! (what is his project for this summer)????

  7. I absolutely LOVE the the bluebird pictures. They look like they could be on the front of a greeting card or a print for a Spring calendar or something. Love them!! I hope that a few bluebird families move in....I would love to see more pics of them. Happy Spring and enjoy spending time with Ranger. Hugs....

  8. Love your blog! Wish you had an email option for subscripton purposes. Let me know if this is possible.


  9. Found your amazing and beautiful blog the other day and I am in love! I have spent this weekend reading all our posts. You are so inspiring and have so many wonderful adventures.
    I pray for your Ranger and so understand what you go through. Our son-in-law deployed twice, to Iraq before their wedding, then to Afghanistan after they were married only 7 months. He is an EOD tech(as in the movie the Hurt Locker).
    Long story short, he was severly injured on May 11, 2009. After 30+ surgeries and 18 months recovering
    at Walter Reed, they now live at Eglin AFB where he is working with the EOD school.
    Prays for all our men and women in our armed forces.

  10. I am in love with your porch bunny. So stinkin' cute. I'm also in complete envy over your early spring. It's still in the 40's over here and I'm freezing my tushie off. No flower buds, no birds, no green grass. You my dear are a lucky girl!

    Congrats on Brandon's homecoming. He has been in my prayers and I'm thankful that God brought him back to you safe and sound. :)

  11. Woman! I keep waiting to read your new "Brandon is Home!" post, but I'm seeing nothing. Are you still living it up in Ft. Benning?!


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