Saturday, March 19, 2011

Better than Crack Brownies. Hum... If you say so!

After welcoming Spring to our gardens this morning I decided that
before I take the mini Cooper for a cruise I would bake up a batch
of these Better than Crack brownies currently making a splash
all over the Blogosphere... Because I'm a follower that way!
I used the finest chocolate, the best peanut butter
and a fantastic scratch-brownie recipe as the base...
And yet, I must tell you...

That the reviews and insistence that we all jump up to preheat our ovens... 
Is all Hype!
Because while I admit to being wholly unqualified to contest the title of this recipe,
since I have not actually tried Crack, and although I definitely do recommend
these brownies over crack... Especially if you drive a school bus for a living...
I do fancy myself a Brownie connoisseur, and these brownies...
They don't even rank better than average. But since I just dumped
the dish, (including these brownies used in my photos) out into the
yard for the raccoon family to enjoy later tonight, I'll let them
be the final arbitrators of this recipe. Me? I say... Skip it!


  1. I'm going to take your word for it, Janet! I bet the raccoons were happy though:)

  2. I'm a avid recipe blog reader, and I can't tell you the times I have thrown some of the recipes I have made outside to my yard raccoon, too! I'm not a picky eater, but I've experienced many disappointments with recipes that were described as the "best dish ever!" But I love to cook and am intrigued by regional recipes, so no harm done. I agree with the first comment - they looked great!

  3. Not my idea of crack either. I like my brownies plain and chewy, not too sweet, not frosted, not nutty, not full of candy, definitely no peanut butter, or mint or chocolate chips.

    Just plain chewy brownies. I think that's why I like the boxed version :-)

    Hope the raccoons at least liked them!

  4. Well if you say so then I won't waste my time. Our taste buds are darn near identical, so I'll be skipping this one too. They sure do look pretty though and some raccoons are now fat and happy over your generosity.


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