Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sweet Home!

Sadly, our time with Brandon this week had to come to an
end... I cannot begin to tell you how relieved and Grateful I am
to have him return from deployment. Words to describe how good
it felt to see him again just fail me. What I am able to tell you is
how very much I appreciate your Support and encouragement!
As tough as it was to leave Brandon at Ft. Benning
last night, we are pretty Happy to be back home...
Home where the Butterfly bushes are full of butterflies today!
Yup. It's good to be home... Home where Brandon will
come in a couple of weeks to spend his Leave with us too!
As you can imagine, this bit of News has
our sweet Bing-kitty thrilled to no end!
On our way to Ft. Benning we stopped at the KitchenAid culinary
store in Atlanta. I loved it, and very much wanted to take home another
stand mixer. They have them displayed in Every color! However, with the
exception of a stand Mixer in every color, (I only own two) and a couple of
mixer attachments, I pretty much own everything else Kitchenaid offered in
this store. So I left Nearly empty handed. I say nearly because on our way into
the store I stopped to use the restroom where I got to experience Cucina hand
soap. It smelled so good. And, it left my hands so Soft - I just had to get some!
So I did! However, I must tell you... This was yet another example
of one of those Purchases where I really wished he would have just
left the store Before I got to the register... Because watching me
drop $50 on Kitchen soap really seemed to hurt his feelings!
There were many great moments after we received Brandon's call
to say that he was on the ground and able to See us after his return
from Afghanistan... This was one of those moments - When we
arrived at the storage facility and he got to see his GTI again!
Happy, happy. Joy, joy!
Speaking of happy... Brandon took his mom to the Commissary
yesterday where I got to stock up on all my German favorites!
Like these Brat-potatoes!
Which I think were made for these Trader Joe's
Hofbrau brats I picked up in Charlotte last week!
So easy!
And, so good!
Of course, what this meal is missing is a great piece of bread. But
after our 1,440 mile road-trip, I'm not leaving this house today!


  1. What a GREAT post!
    I was hanging on every word!
    Love the fluttering butterflies of course!
    Such a sweet sweet welcome home for you!
    And Brandon seeing his car...well that was priceless!
    I can just hear him!
    Hello there CAR!!!!
    And don't think I didn't almost come through the computer screen on all of those GERMAN goodies!
    Oh how I love foreign goodies!
    And only YOU could whip em up so fast!
    You got one lucky hubby!
    And don't think for a minute I don't see those gorgeous home...freakin...grown tomatoes back there all salt and peppered!
    Love me some tomatoes!
    So happy for you Janet!
    What a sweet two weeks this will be for you and BING prepping for Brandon's arrival home!
    I wanna see him when he DIVES in that pool! ;o)

  2. What a great trip to see your boy! It does my heart good! :) I look forward to seeing pics of his visit home and I bet you are going to make him a FEAST! :)

    Also, $50.00 for soap? Have I not influenced you at all? Chuckle! It better smell mighty good my friend. ;)

  3. What a great post! I can just feel your joy after seeing your son coming through your post. Oh...I now think that I need to go to the KitchenAid store. I didn't know such a place existed. I think a trip to Atlanta is in order. ha ha!


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