Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fluttering Garden Phlox!

Garden Phlox is one of my most Favorite garden perennials...
And, with over 50 varieties to choose from, there's
a Garden Phlox for everyone to love. Probably the
best quality of this Colorful and hardy plant...
Is how it attracts Butterflies!
There are Butterflies all over this area of his gardens!
A girl can't help but feel like she's stepped into an Enchanted
fairy garden with all these butterflies Swirling around her!
If you're not already enjoying Summer garden phlox in
your gardens, make sure to add it to your Must-have list!


  1. Those are very pretty. I'd have them in my "garden" ( I use that term loosely- ha!) if someone else planted them watered them and took care of them. ha ha!

  2. Reading your blog make me feel so close to nature! I want to go back and live in the farm soon. It will be so nice to have butterflies fly free in the garden and those beautiful flowers and trees... i'm so happy :)


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