Friday, July 23, 2010

Grab a Glass of Milk!

And, do make it a Cold one!

My chocolate chip Cookie dough survived its 36-hour rest,
and now it's time to find out what all the Fuss is about!

Before I go any further, you'll want to jot this Recipe, (here) down!

To create the perfect cookie, first use Guittard chocolate! Then,
don't be afraid to go large! This allows you to experience the full effect
of the cookie's three distinct textures so measure using a 1/3 cup measure

The recipe calls it a Generous golf ball size, or 3 ounces

I used my Pink candy scale to measure each portion exactly

And got Exactly the desired result!

I had some sweet Visitors this morning who showed up
just as the first Batch was coming out of the oven. I suggest
that with their luck, they all buy Lottery tickets today!

Mr. Kitty did an exceptional job keeping me on track today!

By the way... This is an Adult-cookie. Don't waste even one of these
on the kiddos. They won't appreciate the luxury of Guittard chocolate or
understand how the sea salt added just before baking serves to bring out
its depth and range of flavor. And they won't get how every crumb must
be savored. No... These are our cookies. Chips Ahoy is for kids!

You know the Ranger is on his way home today; (Yea!!)
therefore, I'm freezing a few so that he can Experience
these cookies warm. It's just what we Army Moms do!

Do yourself a Favor... Don't wait two
years to try this recipe like I did!

You and the non-little people that Love you deserve these...



  1. Oh Janet!
    Oh Janet!
    And sea salt!
    This IS a delicacy!
    They look divine!
    Worth every penny!
    And all the patience!
    You are a master of the sweetest of delights!
    I wonder how far your visitors traveled to make it there JUST in time for those cookies?
    Going to email you in response to the news about Brandon's leave. xo

  2. Now that is a cookie!
    I love how big they are :)
    The sea salt is the perfect added touch.

  3. I can't wait to try this recipe!!! They look so good.....:)

  4. These look dangerous! I already printed out the recipe! Thank you, I think:)

  5. And to think, I've been waiting far longer than 2 years to make these. dang they look good!

  6. You are SO right! I LOVE those cookies!!! I've been thinking that I NEED to make them again. You've convinced me.

    PS...Love Mr. Kitty.

  7. Heavens to Betsy, I can't wait to make these!!


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