Saturday, July 18, 2009

What we saw in West Virginia!

This was Bing's reaction to my getting up Early this morning to
plan our day-trip back to West Virginia. As you can see...

virtually No interest here at all!

Bing's lack of Enthusiasm aside, we found our way to West Virginia

At the Visitor's Center we visited the Vietnam war memorial

a Lovely tribute, I think

West Virginia is very green and Full of trees! There are lots
of cool mountain Tunnels and lots of toll booths!

and Lots of Coal!

There are barges pushing Coal down the river over to my left and on
my right side of this pile, there is a Train chugging coal down the track!

Coal. America's Solid Resource!

We found our way to Charleston and the Capitol building

It's beautiful!

There was the Friends of Coal auto fair today in Beckley, which wasn't really our thing...
And, since there really wasn't much else to do, we Piddled around in various antique shops we
discovered along the way to Charleston. Like this one! When I first saw this stack of Jade-ite berry
bowls I couldn't believe it. Not only did the condition appear Better than anything I've ever
found before, but there were so many! Unfortunately this dealer is Out of their Mind! $15 - each!?
Really? Well, then... This is me. Laughing. I just paid $7, each and every bowl I received
is Perfect! I realize Taylor Swift signed the guest book at this shop just before I did, but I didn't
see her scooping up this Crazy-expensive Jade-ite. Obviously, she's a Smart girl... 

Just another pitiful Example why I had to break down and get my little
fire king Jade-ite collection from e-Bay. Putting together a collection with an
overpriced piece here and another Overpriced piece there, would surely have taken
me another whole lifetime. So it's always overpriced, and on top of that, the Condition
of the stuff I find in antique shops & malls is horribly Inconsistent, and mostly poor. But
that's okay... There was plenty of other things to see here, and I'm glad we made the trip!

Hey! Who is this Guy shooting bubbles at me before dinner?
Lucky for me, he's a Terrible shot... But you should see him drive!

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