Sunday, July 19, 2009

Blooms, Bees and a Butterfly

This is my Favorite time of year for his container garden out
on the deck. It's about this time that all those Small pots
of plants I picked out Grow up and become transformed!
This ornamental Pepper plant is a great example of the surprises I get. I picked
this because the leaves were Purple. Who knew it would pop out these beautiful
pepper-Berries or trail down the pot the way it has? Okay, so he knew... But that's
because he takes the Time to read the little tags and knows how to Treat the plant!
I just pick what I think is Pretty. Then, when it grows up
and becomes Stunning, like this coleus, I'm even happier!
Standing in this spot, all I hear is Buzzing!
It's because this Phlox is full of plump Bumblers!
I've never been Stung by a bee
For all I know, I could be allergic to bee stings
Fortunately, these Bees know they'll get more out of this Phlox than me!
I get Lots out of staring at these Beautiful blooms though!
And, these too... Look! I see a little Butterfly
a Tiny butterfly
At least she's not shy!
At all... In fact, I think she's Showing off for me now!
Flower to flower she goes... Not a care in the world!
You tell me... Which is prettier - Bloom or Butterfly? I can't decide!
The center of that flower looks like a Teddy-bear nose to me
Summer-time Hostas. They're everywhere now!
Sunshine makes its way through the Arbor rose
And, over into the Creek too
I believe Hostas bloom when they're happy!
The end of the Walking trail brings me up behind the
pool. Standing under these Trees it's so much cooler back here
Although there's Cool to be found on this side of
the fence too... Not to mention a great Tree-view!

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