Friday, April 10, 2009

While he Breaks tile...

While the man that I love Toils away in my kitchen to remove counter tops, I get to spend a little time outside watching the Grass grow. I can do this now because all the Laundry is finished, the beds are made, the house is clean and it's ME time!

Look at this! Know what this is? Two years ago this was a Tiny, inch-high sprout
under the Japanese maple in the front yard. He potted it and here She is!
The new rose I picked out is Loving her new home on our Deck
This is why I love where we Live...
Last week, it was one Male with two Females...
this week, however, it's Two males and one Female. Hum...
I hear Thunder now. Sounds like we're in for our first Spring storm - Yea!
The ducks know too. There they go! See ya for Dinner... Thanks for dropping in!

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