Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lazy, no plan Saturday...

Bing and I woke up about the Same time this morning!

Our on way to breakfast I noticed this pair sitting in the Middle of the parking lot. I
wondered why they would rest there versus the Lush, soft green grass that's so close to
them. He said it's because the Pavement is really warm this time of the morning... I suppose
that makes sense. But it still seems a bit odd. Given the element of Danger and everything

After breakfast we took Brandon's GTI for a little spin

It was nice to see Brandon's car again. His dad was driving a GTI
the night we met. Funny how Small the car seems to us today!

Leaving High Point we made a wrong turn and had to Turn around here

I think this Beautiful horse knew we were Going the wrong way!

But that's okay because Wrong turns sometimes Happen for a reason...

and Here she comes...

so we Stopped and I got out to say Hello...

and, to pick some Grass to make a horse smile
(click to enlarge to see smiling horse teeth!)

Sorry about the Leaves in that bunch, sweet girl!

I hated to leave...

but it was Time to go

Next stop was the Guilford County animal shelter, or as I call any animal
shelter, the Saddest place on earth. We dropped off a donation of 37 boxes
of Milk Bones dog biscuits. Because every dog, no matter what, Deserves a treat!

About a month ago, Milk Bones ran a coupon in magazines for a Free box of their dog
biscuits (any size) to Celebrate their 100th year. We get tons of Magazines at work so I clipped
all the coupons I could find from the Magazines being thrown away and redeemed them to
take to the Animal shelter. While he Unloaded the boxes I dropped in on the Kitties... 

Driving away from the Animal Shelter, we saw this Guy walking along
the road. Look closely at the right side of the Photo... Do you see it? It's
a cat! We watched this Rooster and cat for a while, just walking along... 

and then the Rooster showed off...

Until his Lady joined him and the cat! Then we drove away as
the Rooster, the hen and the cat crossed the Road together
Today marks the Anniversary of the day we flew to North Carolina to
look for a House. As we drove around with the Realtor I couldn't get over
all the Beautiful trees and azaleas. Now, I was born and raised in Germany so
I've seen trees and I've been to Holland, so I've seen Flowers too. Still, every
time we passed a tree like this one, all I could say was, Look at those Trees! 

Impressive are these Pink dogwood trees too!

Everywhere I look there are amazing Dogwood
trees... Almost reason enough to move here, don't you think?

On our way Home from Whole Foods we walked through Reynolda Village and down
to Lake Katherine, my favorite spot there. I wish that just for a Moment I could be 
transported back in Time to the early 1900's when the RJ Reynolds family enjoyed this
Beautiful spot. I can only Imagine the summers and the Parties they must have had here   

As cool as that would be though, I think seeing it Today is pretty interesting too. All
abandoned and Forgotten looking... Nature has reclaimed what was once hers 

... before RJ Reynolds claimed it as his, Lake Katharine

and built this adorable little Boat house

So cute!

I said it the Last time we took this walk and I'll say it again...
I sure Wish this little Folly was in our back yard!

It wasn't until After we got home with my Boneless chicken breast that I
remembered the Gas connection to the stove is disconnected and I no longer
have Counter tops in my kitchen. No matter... Wolfgang Puck to the rescue!

I can prepare anything with my Wolfgang
Puck panini maker! Like, toast his pitas...

and of course, Grill my chicken!

Who needs little things in the Kitchen like Counters and a stove?

All Things Considered, today was a Pretty great day!

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