Friday, April 17, 2009

Prom kids!

After work this evening we took William to pick out and be fitted for a tuxedo for Prom next weekend. We won't be here to see him go off to prom since we'll be in Georgia attending Brandon's graduation from Basic Training. To make up for it though I thought we would invite Hanna to come along with us. Hanna and William wanted to ensure his vest and Tie would match the beautiful dress she's picked out to wear. And, although Hanna was willing to allow us to take her dress to the Tux shop with us, I thought taking her with us would be more fun.

And, it was!

We like Hanna. She's fun and quite agreeable. Everything I'm afraid
her prom date isn't always Inclined to be when he's around us!

That looks like the right Blue to me!

Fortunately, William and Hanna agree!

William's been Fitted, which means all that's left is for me to Pay and...

for the Prom kids to pose some more!

Next stop for William... Graduation!

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  1. lovely. they DO look cute together.

    and can i just say... those dimples are KILLER!!!!!


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