Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring always Improves the View!

From the front door it's all about the Japanese maple!
It's my Favorite tree we have. And get this... When we bought the
house, the first thing I said is I wanted it cut down. It's here only because
he's Smarter than I am. But only about the Trees and the Landscape!
Boy! That's some Easter egg hunt the Porter's kids are having today! Actually,
dear Mr. Porter died two years ago and now, the house is Finally in escrow, which
sadly means we'll soon have New neighbors... Problem today is that no one in the Porter
family, except for Mr. Porter knows where the cover to the Septic tank is. So they've been outside
digging and Staring at the front yard all day. I hope the Septic guy is being paid by the hour!

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