Saturday, April 4, 2009

New fish, new Plants... it Must be Spring!

Good morning, and Thanks for making us your Breakfast stop!
We were off to Marsha's pretty early for new Koi. I picked
the one on the Left and T picked the one on the right
Marsha's is great... She has koi ranging from $3.00 to $700.00
and, she Sells Silkies - Look at these Silkie babies!
We're Home!
In total, we Picked four Koi and two Goldfish. All very pretty!
While the fish acclimated and he wasn't Looking... I brought Fresh tulips into the
kitchen. This is how they Looked just after I cut them and Arranged them in the vase
the Orange tulips were a Nice surprise!
Out at the pond, the New koi and Goldfish have been introduced
play nice Everyone!
After the Fish were settled we stopped in at the Nursery for
new plants - like we need More azaleas and hostas... Honestly!
They have a nice Selection of Japanese maple trees...
I picked out this Beautiful pink weeping Cherry tree
Back home... Look! THE most beautiful Japanese maple. Ever!
This is what the Tulips look like after the air Conditioner kicked on!
I think I see them Shivering a little bit!

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