Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fifteen hours just Flew by!

As usual, we managed to Cram a week's worth of Errands and activity into one day... The day got longer than it Normally would have been because we had to postpone T's birthday dinner until tonight because I was not up to it last night. The good news is we Accomplished everything on our List and even a few things we added along the way. Now, the bed has been made, UNC is winning over Villanova and Life's pretty darn good! As you know, I'm a Kansas fan, but UNC winning will make for happy Tarheel fans at work on Monday so we're hoping UNC wins this one. And, the Final too! 

We're home and Bing's happy as a
little Clam camped out right here, next to me
Where else would he be? I just dressed our bed with Fresh
sheets and duvet so it's time for Bing to come Fuzz it up for me!
The day began early at the Ferguson plumbing showroom. Who knew
finding the right Faucet for my new counter tops would be such a chore?
Apparently he did because he says it takes me Forever to make a decision... 
Of course, I disagree. Oh, look... a bathtub. I'll take one of those!
Ferguson was a strike-Out. They didn't have one pre-Rinse/culinary faucet on
display and the Two the saleslady could show us in a Catalog were both $1,000.00,
with the Discount. I know you get what you Pay for, but spending a thousand dollars on
a Faucet during this little Remodel in the kitchen isn't going to happen. No. Not even close!

Next stop, Charlotte and IKEA! Let's try
something different, Shall we? 
cue the Harps...
I love kitchens. I love White kitchens. I love this kitchen!
But that Kitchen didn't have the faucet I'm here to see. Neither does
this Living room display but I'm digging those shelves!
Someone found the Library cabinet display...
There it is! And, boy, oh boy am I glad we took this Little ride to
check it out. I hate it! Yes, it's modern and sleek and all that. But...
Sorry... distracted by the white Subway tile in this kitchen. Love it!
Okay... this is why I'm disappointed and why this won't be My faucet. See the hose inside
the Coil cage there? Well, that's it. That's all you get. See how far the Nozzle is from the top
of the sink? That's it. That's as close as it comes except for a few inches. Why is this a problem?
Because it makes it Impossible to use the spray to get down inside to rinse the Sink and unless I want
to shower my Window and new countertops, I'll have to bring my salads and fruits UP to the nozzle to rinse
them. Love the design, love the faucet down below, but the Spray here is for looks. Not function. Sadly, this is
not the faucet for me. Darn! Back to the drawing board... Not back to Ferguson, but back to the drawing board!
Man! That's a lot of dishes. When William finds his own Place, I'm bringing
him here to Furnish it and to outfit his kitchen. They have Everything!
I love Ikea. I could spend the day here staring at Pink 
flowers and funky Green ladybugs!
But there are other things to do in Charlotte today! Over at the Metrolina
antique Spectacular you can have your Photo taken in an F-4 Phantom cockpit
Interesting old Coffee bean bag...
A perfect way to End the day... Finally! T's birthday dinner
at Ruth's Chris steakhouse. All of our Favorites showed up!
and to Finish... Nothing but the Crème Brûlée would do!

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