Friday, April 10, 2009

Let's make Easter cupcakes!

The moment I saw her Easter basket Cupcakes
on Bakerella's Blog today I knew I had to make them!
So at Lunch I dashed over to Target for Easter candy to
fill my Cupcake baskets. My favorite are these Bugs and bees!
I wasn't able to find these Sour Punch straws I needed until after work though...
Walgreens wasn't my First thought but that's where they were Hiding from me!
In my Panic I thought these might work as an alternative... Thankfully,
I found the Sour Patch straws. Now I can take the Twizzlers to the movies!
It has to be Devil's Food!
While my Cupcake baskets bake I think I'll take a walk around the Gardens
Okay I'm back - Let's make Buttercream! A double Batch is what we'll need...
All done mixing... Now let's go Green!
It took a while but I finally achieved the right Shade of Easter-grass green
Here we go... Next stop, Easter basket Cupcakes!
I'm dying of Cuteness here...
Gracious! I made a lot of Cupcakes! I didn't know it
was getting so late. Gotta move this along now...
Good enough!
I finished just in Time... I'm out of storage Containers and space on the
counters. Not to mention that it's now Good Friday and So time for bed!

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