Sunday, April 5, 2009

Thank you for the Sunny Sunday!

You know what this means... It means the Umbrellas are up
on the deck, the Sun is shining and it's Lunch-time!
This is for Ranger-Randy who said he's Tired of seeing my Recipes with
meat in them... See, Randy gave up meat for Lent. Ever the Hero, our Randy!
No sin was Committed here this afternoon! Can't
promise the same will be True for dinner though
Oh my! Look what we have in the Front yard this lovely afternoon! Purple is
my Favorite color so these Hybrids were a Must-have in the garden. I just couldn't
take it Inside... Why? Besides, this is the first and only one so far so you-know-who would
know if it Somehow came up missing. As much as I'd love to, I'll be a good Girl and leave it...
The Japanese Maple in the front yard is putting on Quite a show now!
And, the dogwood tree against the Wood-line popped this weekend!
So did the one on Phlox-hill, just behind the pool. The pink Dogwood
trees are on the way too... Always takes them a week or Two longer
My arbor rose is Coming along now. Soon it'll be covered in Tiny yellow roses
I ventured down to the Creek to check for ducks...
But no Ducks down there...
...or over there. Must be too early for them
yet. Dinner is still another few hours away
the Birds are feeding at Every feeder though!
Sick of Tulips yet?
Me neither!
I love them all. Especially the ones with little Surprises of color
where you know there ought not be any. Like the Red on this yellow
I love how Tulips flop wide open to drink in the Sunshine
Except for this Odd one that seems to be a little Shy
I lied. Forgive me... but I just had to Bring him inside to Enjoy!
Okay... When he comes into the Kitchen, everybody act Natural!

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