Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Let's go Shopping!

Get this! Came home from work and Someone wanted to go Faucet shopping! I want this, but he said No...

So he wanted to Shop. I know... I could hardly believe what I was hearing either. So we went! 

I want a Culinary faucet but he thinks that Style will be too tall and will
therefore Interfere with the window and my View of the backyard. I hear him
but it's what I (think) I really want. But I also like the bridge faucets so let's see...
He likes this one and it's okay...
But I like this one better. It's the same style Faucet but with a Single handle,
which means Less drilling and holes in my new Counter top. Decisions, decisions...
Brandon called while we were at Lowe's and asked why
we didn't check Home Depot first - you know before he joined
the Army he was working at HD while he went to school. Smart boy,
because as soon as we found the Faucets I saw this! A culinary faucet. Yea!
And, while he's not completely sold on the Idea, he agreed to buy me one
because they are on Clearance right now. He hates to buy Clearance, and even
though this is an Italian faucet, he's Worried that if (when?) it needs repair we won't
be able to find replacement parts for it as Easily as if it were a more Common brand. He
worries too much! Besides, no sale is ever Final so we can always bring it back if we find a Faucet
we like better. At the self check-out I always like to choose the Spanish option and try to follow along... 
Pegasus... Who ever heard of them? He worries too much!
Someone thinks he's Funny... Came home from Work to find this little
chunk of Carrera he picked up from the waste pile at Old Castle Surfaces
Time now for a little Bing!
Where did that water go?
It was just Up here, now it's Down there!
Oh well...
Mom loves it when I bat the water around
and Splash the window so let's do that!
Need a Faucet? Need a sink? Because these will need a Home soon!

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