Sunday, January 27, 2008

Every two hours Until...

Please, dear God, do NOT let this be a real sore throat! 

How is it possible that I can go to bed feeling perfectly well and wake up eleven hours later feeling like my throat was run up and down the surface of a rusty cheese grater? I don't get sick so this has to be psychosomatic - Heath Ledger and Christian Brando reportedly both had pneumonia and both died this week... and, just before I fell asleep I heard something on the news about 250 Wake Forest students being treated for the flu, which caused my last waking thought to be that I should call Brandon to suggest he go to the student clinic at ASU to get a flu shot. Then, I wake up with a sore throat. Coincidence?  I think not...

Maybe this is just a symptom of withdrawal caused by the end of football season. Or perhaps it's due to a chill I got during the hockey game Friday night. Could also be a side effect of all the housework I did yesterday morning. Of course he said it's probably a lack of s-x, but if you ask him, everything I find wrong is due to a lack of s-x; including s-x! So that's not it... Could be all the hard work I put into our department move at work last week. All the extra contact with (sick) co-workers and those dusty boxes full of underwear I tossed out of my office - I don't know... All I do know is that if this is really a sore throat that leads to some kind of chest cold I'm going to be ticked! I mean, seriously, who has time for a cold!?

So! First thing I did when I woke up this afternoon was take a steamy shower and hunt down all the zinc in the house. I now have Zicam and Cold-eez within reach. Zicam makes me gag but when I take it with a cherry Cold-eez in my mouth I'm able to get it down. Taking Zicam is what I imagine licking drywall tastes like. Any way, my plan is to stay in bed the rest of the day and take both every two hours. Directions indicate I should take one every two hours until I no longer feel like I'm dying. Wish me Luck!

Wait! Hold on a minute! Is that fever I feel?

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