Monday, January 21, 2008


If you don't want to hear me go on about the weather stop now and go back to whatever you were doing before you logged on to my blog. Okay... but you've been warned!

It is COLD here! And, no... this isn't California-Janet whining about the weather because it dropped below 50 degrees and her pool is still covered. This is me going on about 22 degrees cold. While it isn't as cold as Kansas, North Dakota or my home-town in Germany (as I am being reminded) it is still cold. This morning when I woke up (okay, it was closer to afternoon) it was in the teens! That it was too cold to move was confirmed when I realized Bingee was sleeping huddled up against my thigh, under the duvet.

So here I am, the heat pump is cranking, the feather bed is on the bed and I still need a hot water bottle on my feet and the heating pad under my butt is set to high.

I am particularly miffed because during November and December when I couldn't wait for winter holidays winter couldn't be bothered to show up - I had a pedicure after Christmas because I was still wearing open-toe shoes. And, when it was a balmy 70 degrees around Christmas, I actually thought I had something to entice my parents away from Monterey to come live here because they were complaining about how cold it was there. But today, I am happy mom and dad don't live here because unlike some, I don't believe my misery needs their company.

So now that the holidays are past and I'm over not getting snow at Christmas winter decides to make an appearance; and what's worse, he forgets to pack snow. No, dustings don't count!

In my mind, winter has an expiration date that coincides with the removal of our Christmas tree. Christmas tree goes, spring comes. That's how it works in my mind... Look, the daffodils are already two inches tall all over the property so in my book, winter blew his chance.

I'm rambling so obviously the cold has taken over my mind. Is this heating pad still on or what!?

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  1. Laughing my ass off hysterically!!! How funny and oh, do I know how you feel.
    Hey, when are the chickeys coming, this month or next?
    Gotta take the pootster in for her ekg and ultrasound on the old ticker.....awake....oh what fun!!! have a good day!!! love, Carroll


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