Hi! I'm Janet... A wife, mother and full-time corporate busy-Bee for America's #1 apparel brand. I was born and raised in beautiful Bavaria, in Augsburg Germany. Before transplanting to North Carolina a few years ago, our family lived happily in Monterey, California where our two sons were born and where my dear parents continue to enjoy the good life.

I was first a Captain's daughter and today, a United States Army Airborne Ranger calls me Mom. I am so very proud, of course... But also terrified by the reality of his missions.

My kitchen and the property around our home is my playground. I enjoy creating with food, gardening, traveling, experimenting with new things and documenting life as it happens. In addition to playing with my food, I recreate outdoors and photograph just about everything I find interesting. I am embarrassingly enthusiastic about the things that matter to me and the people I love!

My husband and I are proud supporters of The Wounded Warrior Project and we would be so grateful if you would take a moment to visit The Wounded Warrior website to learn more and to make a donation in support of this unfortunately necessary, but always very worthy cause.

Contact me via e-mail at: jcbridge@thearmymom.com