Monday, October 19, 2015

George HW Bush Library and a stop in Houston!

Although it was harder than hard to say good-bye to
our Ranger and my parents following our visit to Dallas...
It had to be done. So we hugged and squeezed and cried. Then, we headed
south and mom and dad headed west; back to California. Without me...
We took the southern route home for two reasons. First, since
we had just visited Bush 43's library, there was no way
we could come this far and not visit Bush 41's library!
Especially since it was on the way to Houston, which is where our
niece lives - Which is the second reason for taking the southern route!
As with all the Presidential libraries we've visited,
the George HW Bush library did not disappoint!
Although, I have to say that it was less emotional for me...
That 9/11 display at the GW Bush
library just grabs you and does not let go...
Nevertheless, there is plenty here to
hold your attention and grab your heart!
The radio and antenna cost $104.25!
How fun!
Love this!
And, especially this photo of GHWBush with GW on his shoulders!
So stinkin' cute!

Replica of the GHWBush Oval Office...
Everything here is really well done!

This now makes the third section of the Berlin wall
we have seen. Nixon's library has one, Reagan's
library has one and now there is this one!
Other things we saw during our tour...

I love that the library has a whole section dedicated to the
great work Barbara Bush did during her husband's Presidency!
Truly, she is a remarkable woman...
Say what you want about their politics but as Americans and as a family...
The Bush's are fine people!
No tour is ever complete without a spin through
the gift shop! And, although I was able to resist this shirt...
I did take this garden lantern home with me! See? Another splendid
reason to drive versus fly! Can you imagine fitting this into carry-on?!
Following our tour of the GHWBush library, we pressed on to Houston...
Where we dropped in on my sweet brother's little girl!
See? There she is with her little pup, Jaycee!
Jaycee enjoys the view of downtown from their apartment building!
This girl loves her KitchenAid mixer...
Which just proves she's all my niece!
On to New Orleans we go!

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