Thursday, October 9, 2014

Autumn at Oz, Beech Mountain and the Blue Ridge Parkway

More than a year ago, I put the Autumn at Oz party on
my calendar... And, we were so excited about it we even went
up to Beech Mountain in July, just to see if we could sneak in
early for a preview scope it out. Tickets went on sale August 1st...
But on the morning of August first, I was distracted from my ticket-buying
by a car accident. 7,000 tickets went on sale at 10 o'clock, which was about
the time I realized my ankle was tore up and I was on the phone with my
insurance company, trying to figure out how to have my jeep repaired!
By the time I calmed down and got home and remembered tickets to Oz,
it was too late. 7,000 tickets sold out in an hour and I was heartbroken...
For nearly two months I stalked the Autumn at Oz Facebook
page, ran ads on Craigslist to let the world know of my need
for two or three tickets and... Had just about given up all hope!
But then, I received a note from a woman who was about as excited
about going to Oz as I was, letting me know that she had a few tickets
that her daughter and grandchildren couldn't use. When she asked if I
would like to buy them, I couldn't type Y-E-S! fast enough! So, last
Saturday morning we bundled up in our winter gear and braved the
chilly temperatures in the mountains to follow the Yellow Brick Road!
Where I met Angela, the Munchkin-Angel who sold me three tickets!
For no more than what she originally paid for them!
Entering Oz was every bit as magical as I imagined it would be!
Seeing Dorothy and Toto at the gates, I knew we were in for a real treat!
You had to know the third ticket was for SpaBoy! After
all, he was born and raised in Kansas and, he has
seen Wicked seventeen times - Twice on Broadway!
So, with my foot and ankle all taped up, wearing my compression
socks and heel lifts in my shoes, I ditched the cast for an hour...
And, set off to see the Wizard!
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz!
Our first stop was a tour of Dorothy's house!
Yes, it was as sweet as it looks!
Really, really sweet!
We were greeted by Auntie Em just past the front door...
She told us she was very concerned about the storm that was coming!
Nevertheless, she invited us in and gave us the grand tour...
I could swear we were back in Kansas!
The Farmhouse is lovely and oh, so spotless!
In Auntie Em's kitchen there was cider on the stove...
And, a fresh cherry pie too!
Then, just as Auntie Em had warned, the wind picked up...
And, the house began to spin!
It was dizzying! And, when the house
settled, there was damage all around...
Everything was askew!
Things were leaning and twisted...
It was a terrible sight!
Walls came down and chairs were knocked into the windows!
As we made our way outside...
We were told the happy news!
That the Wicked Witch was dead!
With the Wicked Witch out of the way, it was
time for us to be off to find the Wizard!
Deep into Munchkin land we went...
Where we found Dorothy and Glinda!
And, the Tin Man too!
Now, we found the Cowardly Lion
and Scarecrow too! But the Tin Man...
There was something about this Tin Man...
That just made us want to take him along with us!
But there was trouble ahead...
Guards told us we'd be summoned...
So we were lead deeper into the forest...
And then... Suddenly, we saw her!
She was as Wicked as we'd heard!
And her castle was a little creepy too!
But on we pressed and pretty soon...
We were almost at the end of the Yellow Brick road!
At the gates of Oz, no less!
The Wizard was delighted to see us!
Almost as much as we were to see him!
We were told to remember...
It was a wonderful day at Oz!
Something I'll never forget and always want to do again!
Everyone has a Wizard of Oz story to tell...
Therefore, the story of Oz will live forever...
Which is certainly fine by us!
All too soon it was time to make our way down Beech Mountain...
And, since SpaBoy had never been to Grandfather Mountain...
We headed over to show him the view from the mile-high bridge!
After that, we headed home via the gorgeous Blue Ridge Parkway!
Where the colors are just beginning to show!
I had to stop and take some photos of this post-card view!
Spring and Fall in North Carolina is where it's at!
And I love it!
I hope you do too!
This weekend, we're off to Virginia and then to New Bern and the coast...
But my heart will always be in the Mountains!
Happy Weekend!


  1. What a wonderful visit Janet, I am so glad that you got to go. xx

  2. I have loved looking at your pix, they are beautiful!! Really nice! That old car on the blue ridge made a perfect shot!


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