Saturday, August 9, 2014

Bon Appétit's Best Banana Bread... Truly is the Best!

Although it's been nearly a month since I attended Food and Wine Conference
in Orlando, the swag I took home just keeps on giving! So today, I decided to put
this dozen eggs from Davidson's Safest Eggs and beautiful brown sugar from
Dixie Crystals to terrific use creating Bon Appétit's Best banana bread recipe!
As I mentioned yesterday when I shared this tasty one-pot meal, summer's
been missing in action around here lately... So while banana bread doesn't usually
make my August dessert menu, it's exactly what we need on this cool, rainy day!
My sweetie loves banana bread, which means I've spent many years
testing recipes in hopes of finding one worthy of a repeat effort...
Which is exactly what this recipe from Bon Appétit turned out to be!
Dark brown sugar, butter and mascarpone is a very nice start!
Blended until light and fluffy, you know this is not your average
banana bread recipe. After I added the whisked flour/salt
and and baking soda, I mashed up four ripe bananas...
Then chopped a handful of walnuts and grabbed a
few Guittard milk chocolate chips to add in!
This banana bread looks amazing already!
Into my buttered, then parchment lined loaf pan it goes!
And into a preheated 350-degree oven for 60-65 minutes!
It smells like heaven! But better than how it smells...
Served warm with a little unsalted butter or vanilla ice cream...
This banana bread tastes like pure bliss!


  1. thank you Janet for sharing this husband loves Banana Bread too. I have been using Joan Chung's "Flour Bakery" Cookbook and it is awesome. Jane N.

  2. That just looks like perfection!! I love Banana Bread!

  3. Hi Janet!
    It's "long lost in blogland" Maria!
    I think it's been a year... and I'd love to slowly get back into blogging...{somehow someday :)
    My oldest{Amanda} got married last year and I think my youngest {Jason} is headed for the altar next summer!
    Rachael, my middle, and her husband moved to Austin, TX to live near Jason - they fell in love with Austin and missed Jason.
    My dad {who will be 90 this September} moved out of his house in our home town - which was quite a feat! Over 65 years of living there to sort through!
    He moved 10 minutes from us this keeps me soooo busy, Janet!
    Right now we're reno-ing his bathroom to make it safer...
    I must say, though, it is a pure blessing to have him close to us... When his grandchildren visit, they always fly into Albany and can visit him every time!

    How is your family? How is Brandon doing? I think of you often, just haven't had much personal time ...
    Many blessings always ♥
    ~ Maria

    ps... I love parchment paper...but what is the butter before trick about? :)

  4. I missed this one somehow! It looks delicious!!!! xx

  5. I can smell it now - yum!! Definitely pinning this recipe for later!


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