Monday, July 7, 2014

Cornbread with Peaches and Sweetened Bourbon Buttermilk Sauce

The moment the last spoonful of the sweet summertime peach cobbler I made
last weekend hit his lips, my husband asked which peach dessert would be on 
my menu next! So... I went back to the Farmers' Market for more peaches!
Once again, the peaches were perfect... And, fortunately for my
husband, I had a peach dessert recipe in mind I knew he would love!
I first met Morgan at the MIXED blogger
conference last year and instantly liked her!
And, I've been following her blog, Peaches Please ever since! Morgan's
writing always captures and holds my attention... With a bit of help from
her incredible recipes, of course! Such as this one, featuring the best
homemade cornbread I've ever made, fresh peaches and... Bourbon!

What I mean by the best cornbread I have ever made is that it is so good,
my husband told me not to slice up the sourdough I bought for his dinner
tonight. Instead, he asked for more cornbread to be served with my chops!
As a bonus, Morgan's cornbread recipe is also super easy to prepare!
As we all know, the secret to spectacular cornbread is cast iron baking!
Add the wet to the dry...
With a little added melted butter...
And, stir it all together just until moistened!
Add cornbread batter to a hot, hot cast iron skillet...
And, bake it!
I started this recipe super early because the weather this
holiday weekend was better than any other 4th of July
weekend I can remember. And, you know what that means!
It means that after my kitchen was cleaned up and put back together...
Outside is where I wanted to be!
It's clear that Mother Nature is trying to make
up for that horribly harsh winter she delivered us!
Which I greatly appreciate! By the way, if my dermatologist
should ask, my SPF numbers are much higher... Okay?
Although there is someone I know who refuses to bother with sunscreen at all!
Why? I guess it's because he knows I worry enough for both of us!
After having long outlasted my sunscreen, it was
soon time for a quick stroll through the gardens...
And, head back into the kitchen to finish my dessert and begin dinner!
Dear Mother Nature, Please keep up the great work!
Honestly! Cornbread this beautiful deserves
to be displayed on a cake stand, don't you agree?
As I said before, Morgan's cornbread is fantastic right out of the oven. However,
her sweetened buttermilk bourbon sauce over peaches sends it right over the edge!
Because I was losing my light, I plated this dessert to get photographs before
dinner... Of course, my taste-tester agreed to take it off my hands immediately!
After nearly licking the plate clean he asked, I get more after dinner,
right? Which is a sure sign this recipe is a keeper! For all the details I
hope you'll visit Morgan's blog and do let her know I sent you!
Have a Peachy Week!
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  1. Hi Janet! I"m so glad you and your husband loved the cornbread and peaches recipe. It always makes my day when someone tries a recipe and loves it. And the post is lovely!

  2. It just so happens that I have all the ingredients for this recipe. Hmmmm....

  3. Looks delicious, as did the tomatoes in your previous post!! xx

  4. I appreciate your writing because you described really well about sweetened buttermilk sauce and this recipe as a whole. I love your wonderful photos Thanks for sharing such a great recipe!


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