Sunday, March 2, 2014

Back to the Pottery Barn Outlet!

Much to the surprise of many, I took Friday off!
Ever since the luck we had finding area rugs at the Pottery Barn Outlet
in Gaffney, we've wanted to go back for another rug to put in our entry!
So I took the day and off we went! First to Charlotte, to check out the
Metrolina antique show because I promised a friend I would do my best to
help find her a plateau similar to the one I found mom for Christmas!
It was the perfect first stop because the first vendor inside the door had
three plateaus for me to choose from! My friend loved this one the best and,
she asked me to make sure to get the blue perfume bottle that was on it too!
After the Metrolina we moved onto Belmont, NC where
we stopped at the Catawba Valley Antique Mall again!
I was surprised by how many new
vendors have moved in since our last visit!
I noticed a lot more retro and mid-century things...
If I had been a 50's housewife, these babies would have been in my kitchen!
Along with this vintage pink wall phone! As it turned out, I wasn't the only one that
loved this phone because within five minutes of posting this photo to my Facebook
wall, my friend Denise in Ventura asked me to ship it to her! She's redecorating
the bedroom shared by her twin girls... All pink! So this phone will fit right in!
The same thing happened here too... Because as soon as my friend Marietta
saw this photo, she had me running Jadeite pieces up to the register for her!
I loved this Jadite towel bar!
My little post office will be very busy tomorrow morning
shipping all of these fun goodies to my friends in California!
Finally! It was my turn!
Although there was no additional sale on rugs this trip...
The place was packed with Pottery Barn's new spring things!
I could have shopped all night!
Unfortunately, Army dad was there to
reel me in and remind me why  we came!
After pulling nearly all the 5x8's, we narrowed it down to the Millie
And, the Sibel
In the end, we decided the Sibel was the better choice for our entry!
Don't you agree?
Thanks again, Pottery Barn Outlet!
Speaking of being thankful for the Outlet...
This find in the clearance bin really made me VERY happy! These
are Potter Barn's lovely 15" tapers. They don't smoke, they never
drip and, each set comes with a strip of pure beeswax that can be
wrapped around the base to keep them snug in holders that might
be a bit big. I burn candles in our home every evening so of course...
I bought them all!
The Pottery Barn Outlet in Gaffney, South Carolina... Always worth the trip!
This was my last find this weekend... I found it at Red Collection late yesterday
afternoon just before they closed. I couldn't believe it when I saw it because I know
how busy they are on weekends; therefore, hundreds of people must have seen it
before me. Yet somehow, I was the only one that knew this little vase, marked just
$23 wasn't just any average piece of glass. Nope! I knew what it was right away!
A little Tiffany & Co., meant just for me!
It pays to pay attention... Doesn't it, Li-Li Coconut?
Inspired by all the Easter decorations we saw this weekend and,
because someone mentioned snow again for this area this week...
I decided to break out my own Easter decorations this morning and
set up the Easter tree! Partly to remind Mother Nature that she should
forget winter and focus her energies on delivering Spring. And, also because...
Seeing my Oma's Easter ornaments thrills me as
much today as they did when I was a little girl!


  1. I was planning a run to Charlotte this week...until the weather decided to be a poopy-head! Love your choices!

  2. Looks like you had a great day browsing and shopping. I agree with Li-Li Coconut, the rug is perfect!

  3. The rug is perfect! Such a welcoming addition to your entry. I really need to research and find where the nearest PB Outlet is from here, other than online!
    Your home is beautiful, especially with your welcome to spring decor, thanks to your Oma.
    How is the MC going? Feeling okay? I'll admit, I don't think I'd have the willpower to follow through with it. *sigh*, I guess I like my food too much.

  4. I so want to go to the pottery barn outlet with you..... and the Metrolina antique shop.....and the Catawba Valley Antique Mall....Janet, you realize of course you could totally start an Antique Shopping Tour your spare time of course! I love the pink phone and the jadiete! Love, love, love the new rug for your entry, great colors and fits perfectly......Tiffany glass.....OMG what a find! But my favorite pictures are of your Easter tree and your Oma's ornaments......beautiful just beautiful.....Thank you for sharing a little Easter Spirit with us.....after getting 10 more inches of snow yesterday it's just what I needed.

  5. Hi Janet, it's a pleasure to meet you. I am coming over from Rhonda's blog. What great bargains you found. so many wonderful things. The Easter tree is darling and it looks like you are ready for Easter. Love your new rug too, I am feeling Spring.


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