Saturday, October 27, 2012

A very colorful Saturday!

 It's a beautiful Autumn day here!
There are leaves everywhere!
Each one prettier than the other!
It's a carpet of colorful leaves...
If you're not careful, it will lead you right down into the creek!
Into the pond too!
I love this time of year...
I know, I say that about all the seasons...
And, it's true!
I love Springtime...
I love Summer when I'm in the pool...
I love Fall...
And I love Winter when it snows...
I don't mind the leaves, they're like sprinkles on a huge green cupcake. But
my gardener doesn't agree... He says they're like water spots on clean glass!
Speaking of clean glass... I washed the Jeep early this morning and
installed the new bike carrier I picked up at the dealership. I love it!
I love it so much I also picked up a lock at my local bike shop
to help discourage anyone from liberating my new bike carrier!
I especially like the feature that allows me to open the
back door without having to remove the whole carrier!
Look! All the sprinkles are gone!
For now...
They'll be back by tomorrow morning!
Which is fine with me!
As long as I never have to touch a rake!
Okay... Quick spin around the yard and then
it's time to bake my leaf-sweeper some cupcakes!
Maybe I'll put sprinkles on them...
Just to make a point!
Although I doubt he'll make the connection...
Because all he wants is cupcakes!
By the way, if you have a Williams-Sonoma nearby you'll want to scoot over there
to check out the sale they're having on all the Halloween stuff. I went in to stock
up on my favorite holiday hand soap and kitchen candles and stumbled on this!
Perfect condition and, priced even lower than you'd find at the outlet!
I also picked this butter dish at Pottery Barn. It's no
longer available on-line and stores are selling out fast!
Of course, nothing touches my carrara marble
island without first putting on their felty-feet!
Oh, look!
Someone just filled the bird feeders!
Which means I'm staring out the kitchen window...
So the cupcakes will have to wait!
I have critters to watch... 
 Or maybe they're watching me...
I never can tell!
I just hope they...
Enjoy it...
As much as I do!
Bye-bye birdies...
Because my cupcakes aren't going to bake themselves!
As much as I liked that Halloween tree mom and I picked up at Salem Creek
a few weeks ago, I decided it was too big for the console behind the sectional...
So while the cupcakes baked, I undressed it and went back to the little tree!
That's more like it...
Have a Cupcake!
Have two cupcakes!


  1. What a great view...looks like a park in your backyard!

    Love that bat tray. You always find the cutest stuff!

    Yum...cupcakes... :D

  2. I'm surprised you are even out of Trader Joe's! What a beautiful Fall you are having and your photographs are stunning of course. Enjoy your latest Halloween finds and that bike carrier. Would love a few of your cupcakes right now :)

  3. Oh what a beautiful sight in your back yard. From the fallen leaves to the little critters. I enjoyed every picture you posted. I could see several of them as puzzles sold in the stores. Yes they're that good. Even better than the ones I see in WalMart here. I wish I had words for the joy it gives me to see your photos of your garden and all the beauty in it. If only you knew how much it means to me to be able to see such a magnificiant garden in all her Autum splendor. Well I must confess I love her in all the seasons. Especially with the sprinkles on her cupcakes. And those you made turned out so yummy looking they had me drooling over my keyboard. lol Love your little find and especially that nice discounted price that went with it. Your Halloween tree is dressed in all her fall splendor as well. Thanks for making my day with this post.

  4. This is one of my favorite posts --- always the Fall posts. I love fall and all seasons through your eyes, Janet. Love you.

  5. Beautiful! Such a treat!
    Thank you


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