Saturday, April 30, 2011

An Unexpected kitchen find!

Look what I found at the Liberty Antique Festival... It's a welded, stainless
steel, half-height commercial sheet pan rack and mobile table. And, I love it!
 This was a sweet find! Every time I've baked and decorated cookies, I wished I had
one. Especially that time I baked and decorated 300 cookies. Have you ever baked
and decorated 300 iced sugar cookies? Well I have, and I can tell you, it means there
are cookies everywhere! All over the kitchen counters, top of the stove and covering
both dining room tables. But now, with the help of this little baby, I'll be able to cool
cookies and dry flood-iced cookies overnight, all in one tidy, compact space. And,
since this is one especially sweet-yippee of a bun cart, it comes equipped with a
work table, and capacity to hold 12 full-size sheets, which means I now have an
extra work surface, capable of holding even my extra stand mixer! I know you're
wondering about the deal, so I'll tell you... The dealer had it staged in his booth
with a vintage toastmaster sandwich press sitting on top of it. Truly a commercial-
grade, 1970's restaurant sandwich press, and pretty cool too. But what would I do
with that sandwich press? Nothing! So I asked if he'd split it up and sell just the
cart. Fortunately, today was the last day of this festival and this dealer wasn't
operating a mobile-museum... He was there to sell. So he lowered the price
from $225 to $125. I said nothing, and then the dealer asked if $50 would do
it, which of course, it did! I've been looking, and others, like this one, which
holds fewer pans, sell for much more! And except for a few drips of ick, my
pan cart appears to be unused. Ick is always free. But it's nothing a little...
 Soft scrub, and elbow grease won't cure. Okay, so it took a lot of Soft scrub!
 Nevertheless, this find may just inspire me to
whip up a few batches of sugar cookie dough!
 After all, it's been a while since I made these and these...
 And, now that I have this sheet pan cart, I'm out of excuses!
By the way... You know about THIS SWEET DEAL from a few weeks
ago, but there's another one I have to tell you about. We just learned
on Good Friday the true value of what we picked up; and, it is so
unbelievable that it's taken me a couple of weeks just to wrap
my brain around it... But I promise to share it with you soon;
just as soon as a second appraiser takes a look and is able
to confirm the first appraiser's opinion. So... Stay tuned!


  1. Hi Janet!
    Wow...what a PERFECT find for your baking!
    and...after reading your last post...
    Can you come over and design our yards?
    Your gardens are stunning, Janet!
    look at the bluebirds! I bought a bluebird house... not one bird! There are lots of sparrows, juncos and wrens at our feeders... but no bluebirds!
    Wishing you the best Sunday*

  2. First collectors bottle that nets you over a grand on EBay and now you find this baking rack and walk away with it for only $50!!! You are killing me but I'm really happy for you.
    Enjoy all the baking you are going to do an don't forget to post all the delicious results :)

  3. OMG I love it!!!!!... and you still have space for 6 more trays!!!!......and for only 50$....



  4. What a great find. It's amazing how much more enjoyable things are when you have the right equipment. Happy baking!

  5. AAAH!!!
    That this such a great find!
    So envious :)
    Cannot wait to see it full of trays of your gorgeous cookies!!!
    Hope you are playing the lottery with all your good luck!
    Just amazing deal!

  6. I need to take you shopping, I think you're good luck!

  7. What a great find. Although I must admit...well trained as they are, could my dogs resist freshly baked cookies right at their eye (and nose) level?

    Glad you got home safe and sound before the storm hit.

  8. I can'twait for you to be able to use this...soon!


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