Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Droopy Tulips!

I received a call today asking me to blog and show my tulips again...
Because Mom said she loves to see how long and droopy they get...
 So while I like them like this...
My mom prefers to see tulips like this!
I like tulips to be smiling wide open; however, also a bit little less leggy...
This is more my speed!
 Speaking of speed... This was last Sunday afternoon in the front yard...
 Where I showed you this new crop of vase-lovelies!
Well... Today they're ready!
As much as I'd love to bring them inside right now, I do believe I
will allow them to play peek-a-boo behind the hedge a while longer! 
The tulips in my new Candlewick fan vase have gotten longer, but not droopy...


  1. Oh what HAPPY tulips!
    What a HAPPY kitchen!
    What a HAPPY yard!
    What a HAPPY girl I would be if I could come and play in your lovely world.
    What a HAPPY home for your boys to come HOME to!
    Just like YOU!
    Love it all!
    Only YOU would have tulips playing peek~a~boo!
    Your world is LOVELY!
    LOVED your email!
    Got lots to say!

  2. I'm not a captain's daughter, but I am an army mom with son recently deployed. Tulips (not to mention your kicking vase) are a treat for the eyes.

  3. Never, ever tire of visiting your beautiful any season!


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