Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring-time Garden Stroll and another Find!

It's difficult to believe that this weekend could get any lovelier than it has
already been; however, according to Mr. Weather-man we may just see 90
degrees Easter Sunday! And you know what that means... Outside time!
Remember last week when I shared with you the bird feeders
we picked up at the estate sale in Walnut Cove? Well, then you
may also remember I teased about another find... And, here it is!
 Don't you love it!? I love it! I love that we are putting an old, forgotten
garden ornament back to work! And, I'm going to love it even more very soon...
Because it has an appointment for sandblasting and repainting next
week! I have a decision to make though... I need to either decide
to have it painted this gray color again or pick colors. Stay tuned!

Speaking of color...

The Japanese maple in the front yard is Blushing in crimson!
 And, as you can see, I have resisted the (daily) urge to murder any more of his tulips!
Speaking of blushing... The English boxwoods are flushing right now!
And so is the Japanese maple in front of the living room window!
I love this tree from all angles!
 Okay, so I lied...
But in my defense... I need white, pink-tipped tulips in the kitchen for Easter!
I feel better now that I've confessed that!
More Japanese maples and a splash of pink azalea!
 More Japanese maple trees and a splash of red azaleas!
 I'm glad I went crazy for Japanese maples a couple of years ago!
Speaking of crazy... Last year I spent two hours picking bearded iris bulbs
from the Iris farm we're so fortunate to have nearby. And, these lovelies... 
I call them my Kansas State Irises - Purple and white, and Ah-mazing!
What else is amazing is the climbing rose on the arbor!
It pops open like Popcorn!
So that's it for our Spring-time garden stroll this evening...
 Time to feed the ducks...
And the fish and start thinking about a dinner of our own!
I just got this shipment of sauces so I'm thinking something grilled!


  1. Hi Janet!
    Stopping by to wish you a Blessed Easter!
    ... Wishing you His Joy, Peace and Hope~
    Enjoy your beautiful gardens ~ they are lovely in pictures, I can only imagine how beautiful in person!

  2. Please tell me you and your hubby enter your garden in garden shows!! Gorgeous!!! And I say this not being a green thumb person at all! I am just in awe of the beauty in your backyard!!!

  3. Do tell me what you think of those sauces. I'm lusting over the thought of summer. Can hardly wait for the delciousness of it all.


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