Sunday, April 3, 2011

Our own Festival of Flowers

Yesterday's visit to Biltmore house, where arrangements
of spring flowers brightened and made even more lovely
every room, inspired me to decorate a little on my own! 
Of course, you-know-who won't be very happy with me...
He calls this carnage. And me? Well, I'm a no-good flower murderer!
Which means we need to get our stories straight...
I was minding my own business in the produce section at Whole Foods
this morning where a bunch of you were hanging out, just hoping someone
might come along to pick you. Someone driving a cute mini-Cooper with
a vast collection of flower vases to fill at home... Yeah, that's the ticket!
Just whatever you do... Don't mention that you've ever seen this section of the gardens!
Just in case, I'll bake some cupcakes... Better make them German chocolate,
stuffed with Rolo candies. These are always a good distraction for whatever...
I may or may not have done!
Speaking of what I may or may not have done... I
freely admit to adding to my cake stand collection
This was a steal in Alabama last weekend - only $7.00! I'm very
sorry to say I paid seven-times that amount for the one next to it!
I love how heavy it is, and look at the thick rim it has!
I almost forgot to tell you... We went back to Tupelo Honey Cafe
in Asheville yesterday! Lori, their Director of Operations sent us a
little gift to help us celebrate his birthday yesterday - Thanks, Lori!
Breakfast at Tupelo Honey Cafe was ah-mazing! And, I picked up a copy of their
new cookbook - Which I cannot wait to bring to their book signing next month!
Now that I have the THC cookbook, I'm eager to create
their fantastic Goat-cheese/basil grits on my own!
See that little chicken?
I hit the gift shops at Biltmore hard yesterday!
I brought home six bottles of Biltmore salad dressings too - Because all the
bottles I bought at Christmas, I ended up giving away. But not this time!
That also goes for all the Biltmore Estate jams I picked
up. Oh!, and I also grabbed this cute little Bunny dish!
Now that my cupcakes are out of the oven and my story about where my
tulip arrangement came from seems to have passed, it's time to get outside!
Heck no, he doesn't believe me... Trust me, it's the cupcakes talking!
I love spring!
I especially love Spring here!
Where the crabapple tree in the front yard is buzzing!
And the bleeding hearts are popping out all over the place!
They're a favorite of mine in his gardens!
I have lots of favorites!
Japanese Maple trees are high on my list!
And, high on his list of favorites is me!
Mostly because I over-fill the bird feeders with the black
oil sunflower seeds he and his friends love so much!
I'm not the only one that hit the Biltmore gift shops hard yesterday...
Someone put mom and dad's birthday check to good use there for his garden!
Because there can never be too many gazing balls!
My addition to the gardens from the Biltmore gardener's gift shop is this turtle!
Because every garden needs a turtle!


  1. One bite of those cupcakes and I'm sure all will be forgiven. I know from your posts that Biltmore is stunning but your own property is just so beautiful and I imagine coming back home to all that awaits you there is such a wonderful feeling.

  2. Your cupcakes and your gardens are beautiful!

  3. This is a wonderful post. The Biltmore is especially beautiful this time of year.

    When we had a suburban lawn and flowers my husband hated for me to cut them and bring them in. Finally I told him that if he could go through the flower beds and show me exactly where I had cut them then I would stop. He obviously couldn't so I continued to have fresh flowers from the garden.

    I love all your purchases, especially the turtle. Best wishes to the Birthday Boy!

  4. I just bought that same cake stand a couple months ago. I saw several at an antique fair and they were all priced for $90-$100. I happened to stop at an antique store in the neighboring town and found it for about $30. Not quit the same deal as you but I live it nonetheless. We have great taste :-)


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