Sunday, April 17, 2011

A little about House Hunting

When we first came to North Carolina to look for a new
house, this is the neighborhood we chose to begin our search
It's called Buena Vista. It's where I saw my first dogwood tree, and where I
learned what an azalea is meant to look like. Not like the azaleas he tried so
desperately to grow for me in Monterey that always turned brown and crispy!  
Here, azaleas look like this! They are soft and they grow up to cover brick walls. They
spill onto sidewalks. And, I love them as much as he always wanted me to love them!
Just like the first time I took in this stunning North Carolina spring scene, I walked
around Buena Vista today saying the same thing... Look at the trees, and all this color!
When people used to ask what brought us here from California I had to stop from
telling the truth... Because the truth is, there is no good reason to be here. The two
people we love the most in the world still live on the Monterey Peninsula, and we
didn't have friends here either. In fact, we didn't know one person that lived here
or that had ever lived here. Frankly, the decision to relocate here was just one
tiny step above throwing a dart at the map. But after seeing spring here, we
decided to give it a try. Still, telling people we moved here for, the trees
and the pretty flowers just sounded stupid. So we kept it to ourselves!
Even if it was and still is the truth! Besides, I believe everything happens for a reason
and every time we make the trip to Ft. Benning to see the Ranger, I'm glad we're only
six hours away. We certainly couldn't make the trip as often as we do from California
Now, it's been a few years... And today, I think his transformation of the gardens here
at the home we chose, (solely for the land!) makes them just as lovely, if not moreso,
than any garden we toured in Buena Vista! And, if the wildlife attracted to his
beautiful gardens is any indication, then I'd say we are all in perfect agreement!
Just look at this! Here is a little pair that is new to our neighborhood, and
they appear to be doing a little house hunting of their own this afternoon!
I think they've chosen quite wisely!
I sure hope they like what they see and stick around!
And I sure hope she's as much of a push-over for these gardens as I am!
Because the man I love sure does try hard to impress. Doesn't he?
The surrounding landscape lends a little to his efforts as well!
There's always plenty to eat and drink for the wildlife too!
And places to perch, and hang out. Or hide, if they need to seek shelter
Whatever they need, they'll find it here!
I vote they just pick us, and stay!
And bring their friends... We don't mind at all!
There's plenty of room for all of you!
So make yourself at home...  
And enjoy all these beautiful things that are making me sneeze right about now!
I do hope this means that you and your friends have ended your house-
hunt and that all of you will be calling our little garden your home!
Now excuse me while I liberate some of these gorgeous tulips...
From their home in front of the solarium...
And put them to work in vases all over the house!

How about you? What about where you live first attracted you?


  1. Moving to NC for the trees and the flowers does not sound stupid at all, least not to me. I'm sure anyone who has been IRL or who has visited your blog wishes that they could pack up and relocate there as well, especially to the so aptly named Buena Vista area! Another beautiful post.

  2. Great photographs of the spring beauty. Hope you were spared the horrid storms.

  3. Oh I do so love the azaleas in the spring! They are gorgeous here in the South! As for me, I chose my house because, well, it was in my price range. LOL But it is also located just down from our local community theater with which I am involved. So only having a 2-3 minute walk to get to the theater is nice for sure! As for the actual town/city, well, I have family here and went to high school here, so I moved back. But now, I'm trying to move OUT! LOL Just to be closer to my job though. This hour each way commute is for the birds!

  4. I just love the beauty of your home's gardens and yard! As promised, I featured it today as one of my favorite posts from last week's Fresh Clean and Pure Friday/ Seasonal Saturday posts that were shared. I am glad that you are enjoying the Carolina's!!! Stop by again sometime and have a beautiful weekend! Roz

  5. Oh my your neighborhood is gorgeous. The color and vibrancy of the flowers is beautiful.
    I see why you moved to this area.


  6. What a beautiful and colorful post. Your yard is amazing. You have a backyard to envy. :-) your decision to move seems like a valid one to me. My husband and I often discuss moving on from here. Although we do have the mountain view out of our backyard and the lake view out of our front. Our children and grandchildren live here so w feel in a way, glued in place for a while. But our desire to move is discussed regularly.

    Big Hugs!


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