Sunday, April 10, 2011

Springtime Auction Finds!

We spent the morning yesterday in Clemmons at an estate auction. I love auctions!
I find looking through the things people collected throughout their lives very
interesting. I wonder where they might have bought it, how it was used or
displayed in their home and about the people that might have given the
items as gifts and what the occasions might have been. Admittedly,
some of the stuff we come across is odd, but mostly, they're
must-have pieces... Such as this collection of vases! 
Especially this piece of etched candlewick!
It's my favorite! This is also my very first Candlewick pick-up. What this means
is that SpaBoy must be rubbing off on me because I've never considered owning
this type of glass or the Fostoria I picked up yesterday... But he loves it and has a
huge collection of both. Of course... It helped a lot that the prices at this auction
were super-low. This piece at retail would be an easy $60 - but I paid only $20! 
This little piece was a nice surprise! Like all the other glass I picked up, it
is in perfect condition. It's also signed R. Lalique - France! I paid $22... 
On-line, it's priced a bit differently though... Just take look at this!
Oh! And, this is kinda fun... We found these vintage
Disney World tickets in a book we dragged home!
I call them Vintage, because I cannot remember a
time when admission to Disney World was $8.50!
The moment I saw these pieces... 
I imagined them filled like this!
Am I worried about what he might say when he sees them? Not really... You see, the
other morning we were awaken by a frightening hail storm, and the first thing he
said to me was, I wish I'd let you have all the tulips out there because they're
ruined now. Which totally sounded like permission, or an invitation to me! 
And, as you can plainly see...
Plenty of his beautiful tulips survived the storm!
So I took him up on his offer!
I plan to decorate every room...
And enjoy them all week!
There are more coming up right behind these!
Which is great for me!
Because I have vases to keep filled!
I cannot wait for SpaBoy to see the Fostoria American I picked up!
He won't believe that I didn't pay over $20 for
any of them. And, just $5 for the little bud vase!
I don't think of auctions as digging through dead
people's stuff... I prefer to think of it as recycling!
I wasn't just busy murdering his tulips this morning... I also set up my Easter table!
Yes, it is difficult for them to breathe under glass...
But this is a solution that keeps Bing from dragging them around the house! 
Wishing you a Very happy Spring and Easter!


  1. totally freakin love your finds!!!! Only YOU would find such cool stuff!!! I have a friend that collects the same pattern of depression glass... and it's pretty expensive to collect. OH... loving the pics this weekend. What all did you do today? Love to you, C

  2. Well, I can tell you that I never stood still! We were up and out of the house for breakfast pretty early - then we went to the opening of a new botanical garden in Kernersville - after that I realized I hadn't wrapped the bridal shower gift that I never took out of the trunk last night - so we stopped at Macy*s only to find their gift wrap person didn't show up/they couldn't do it - so we went to a party supply store where I bought gift wrap/bows and borrowed their tape and scissors so I could stand at the register counter to wrap it myself. After that we went to Costco for gas - then I took Terry home, got freshened up and dashed over to the bridal shower, which was lovely! After the shower, I stopped at Fresh Market for a totally pre-cooked meal, came home, threw dinner on plates and sat outside on the deck with Terry until the sun went down - Now it's almost 1AM and I'm wishing it was Saturday all over again! I swear, I need another day!

  3. I could cry at how beautiful this post is!

  4. Love your little porcelain bunnies and chick-so cute! I do remember that the "E" ticket at Disneyland was the ticket to the best rides(matterhorn, etc...)! :)

  5. Love the fostoria! I have a large collection started with items my grandmother received as wedding gifts long ago. Spring there is lovely...I am in MN so we have a ways to go before we have the beauty you currently have. Enjoy!

  6. I've never seen a Candlewick piece quite like that. My favorite has to be the round Fostoria, though. That is a beautiful vase.

  7. What a great site you have, those coulours are marvelous! As an Lalique collector I must ask if by any chance you are going to sell the very cute bottle? :)

  8. What a great site you have, I love those colours! As a real lalique collector I must ask you, is the great nic bottle by chanche for sale :))?

    My very best,



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