Tuesday, September 9, 2008

High school Reunion time!

Wonderhubby received an Invitation in the mail last week for his Thirty-year High School reunion. Damn. That makes it 11,402 Reasons I miss living in California! Because, if we were still in Monterey there would be Zero chance he would Entertain the idea of flying across the Country to see people he hasn't seen (and probably won't remember) in Thirty years. However, now that we live only Five hours from Arlington, guess whose going to a Reunion? Yeah... joy.

Honestly, in twenty-four years of marriage he's Never once mentioned one high school chum. His best friend he's still in touch with and his high school girlfriend, with whom he is not, both Attended different high schools. Still, after pulling out his Yearbook and matching some Familiar names on the invitation letter to their Photos, there seemed to be reason Enough to pull the Luggage out of storage.

Before I go on, let me just say how impressive I find his Sophisticated little reunion committee! They out-sourced the whole Registration process to some National reunion coordinating organization, (I almost called to see if I'd reach an operator in India!) which is convenient because through their site I was able to register our acceptance, pay, provide information on class MIA's they listed if I had any, and even reserve a hotel room if I needed one. No thank you, I'll be staying at the Doubletree Washington DC because they have great Pillows and hand you a tin of the tastiest chocolate chip Cookies on the planet at check-in; Making the $265 per night worth every dime.

In terms of what we'll get for our $113 for Alumni and $90 per Guest (me!) fee, the evening includes Dinner at Sobe Bar and Bistro (unfortunately, the Reunion doesn't fall on Lobster night Thursday but the Maryland Crab cake featured on their on-line menu sounds pretty good) and a published Reunion directory. I checked the little box that said: Do not publish my mailing and e-mail address, taking full advantage of their, We respect your privacy promise! I mean, I don't know these people and if someone wanted to Contact him, they've had Thirty years. Right?

Oh, I almost forgot. THIRTY YEARS, Damn, he's old! Okay, now that that's out of the way we can talk about what Really matters; me, and how I plan to enjoy this little Adventure...

First, I called my Congresswoman's office in DC to request a White House tour. The girl I spoke to said she's pretty sure there will be Space for us but she will call me later this Week to confirm. I'm excited about Touring the White House on George and Laura's watch. Bummer notice on the White House website though... NO CAMERAS. Hello? Is it not still, the People's house? Well, this owner of that House doesn't go to the Market without her Camera... So for my 1/350million share, I'd like to take some photos. But alas, I won't be taking any pictures because it clearly states that if you Show up to your Tour with any of the banned items (including combs) you'll be asked to Leave. White House tour. Check.

Second, this adventure means Three days and three nights on our own to re-explore DC without the Boys. No. Didn't even cross my Mind to take them. Hopefully, they will both have to work so that I can Relax knowing I won't have to buy my Stuff back from Guido before we can unpack.

After we were married we spent a Year in DC trying it on, and looking back through the lens of Not being the totally homesick, neurotic teenage bride that I was, and when I put all of his Foster-family from Hell drama aside, I can say it was probably the Best year ever. Although Arlington or the DC area didn't make the cut in Terms of where we wanted to settle down, (Hello? Monterey!) I thoroughly enjoyed our First year of marriage there.

Our favorite weekend things to do were to sleep-in all day, go out for Huge, expensive dinners, take in a Movie and then walk around the Monuments until two or three in the morning after all the Tourists were tucked in for the night. Ah... to be that Young again! Although I'd rather not since today we have a Lot more money and come armed with the Wisdom to know never to take such Bliss for granted. Since we relocated back to the East coast we visit DC at least twice a year and more often when called to attend a Dawson/Bridge family Funeral but this will be our First trip back without the boys.

So for these Few reasons I'm looking forward to attending this Reunion. It'll be interesting, to say the Least so Stay tuned!

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  1. You brave woman you!

    And the cartoon totally cracked me up. I'm so the "shy girl turned novelist."

    I gotta get the darn thing published before someone puts a reunion together...


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