Thursday, May 2, 2013

Springtime at Biltmore and exploring Looking Glass Falls with Mom and Dad!

The very first excursion we all agreed upon when mom and dad finally
arrived last week was Biltmore! It's such a special place any time of year...
But it's especially magical in Springtime!
I cannot remember exactly... I think this is visit number thirty-eight but 
each time we visit I notice something new that I cannot wait to see again!
This time, we visited on a Wednesday, which was fantastic
because it felt like we had the whole place to ourselves!
Just the four of us and... Our staff. Ha!
The last time mom and I stood in this spot
it was the summer of her 70th birthday!
Nearly a year and a half later, these two ladies are just as stunning!
Oh, this view!
Name one thing better than spring at Biltmore!
Besides winter, summer and fall at Biltmore!
As we walked through the gardens at Biltmore...
I noticed that it seemed the house was following us...
And, watching us!
Reminding us to be sure not to miss anything!
Because there truly is much to see!
Of course, my favorite view always includes my mom and dad!
They loved it... Again!
But then again... There's a lot to love here!
If only I could convince them to trade their paradise for mine!
As much as I love living here in North Carolina...
And, as convincing as my arguments for
wanting them to move closer usually are...
The truth is that my parents live in paradise!
Even I concede that the Monterey Peninsula is
as close to heaven as one can get here on earth!
So I've learned to give up on the dream of
having mom and dad move to North Carolina...
Refocusing my energies into convincing them to visit more often...
And of course, stay longer!
So far I've managed to get them here twice in six months...
And, we've gone from ten days to almost two weeks!
So... It looks like...
My plan is working!
I'm no dummy!
After Biltmore we ventured into Pisgah National Forest!
I love the mountains and I especially love waterfalls!
Since Looking Glass Falls is one of the few North Carolina
water falls that doesn't require a long hike to get to it, we felt it
was the perfect choice after our long day of walking at Biltmore!
Of course, that didn't stop mom and me from exploring it to the end!
Because the view just gets better the closer you get!
See what I mean?
Mom's always up for one of my adventures!
Our guys... Not so much!
But that's okay because photos are for sharing!
Looking glass falls is on our list to visit again!
In summer time...
Without shoes or socks!
What do you think?
I think it's a grand idea!
I cannot wait to see what's around the next corner!
Happy Spring to you!


  1. As usual, your photography is stunning! I love seeing photos of your adventures - and whatever else you want to share with us!

  2. Oh my goodness! Your pictures seem to draw one into the scene as if they were standing right there as the shot was being captured. Excellent job. You know I am enthralled with your photography work. Did you ever think of doing a book with some of your most gorgeous shots like some of these? Glad you all had a great time and I agree going back in the summer and playing footsie with the stream would be the utmost fun I can imagine. Your Mom and Dad are looking young and spry still. I know you are enjoying their visit and will long for them to stay just a little longer. Thanks for sharing them with us through your pictures. Hugs, A.

  3. We were at the Biltmore on Wednesday as well! We didn't see as much sun but it was beautiful anyway.

  4. Thanks for taking us with you on another trip to the Biltmore! Gorgeous photographs Janet! I like how you framed the shot of the tulip gardens through the trellis .....also love the photo of that luscious lavender Wisteria draped in front of those magnificent Red Japanese Maples. Of course my favorite pictures are the ones of your folks! They look terrific and soooo relaxed! I truly know how much you love spending time with them. You already know what a special place Monterey holds in my heart.

    What I can't believe, is that after a day of walking the gardens at the Biltmore you all still had energy to hike up to Looking Glass Waterfalls! Spectacular!

    Looking forward to touring Longwood Gardens just outside Philadelphia on Wednesday!


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