Friday, May 3, 2013

Vacationing at Home!

A friend at work asked if I would create some save-the-date cookies...
And, although I have mom and dad here and I have vowed to take the
spring and summer off from baking, I couldn't stand the thought of
saying no... So, mom and I spent the day in the kitchen together!
Can you say fun?!
Not only that... Between batches of cookies we escaped to the yard!
Mom even zipped around on the mower for a while!
While I took in the sight of brand new blooms!
These purple and white bearded irises SpaBoy and I
picked out at Boose Family Farm last spring...
Are knocking me out!
In between cookie batches, mom and I baked some butter pecan cupcakes for dad!
He bought cupcakes at the Farmer's Market last weekend and, I almost fell over!
Who buys cupcakes from some random woman at the Farmer's Market?
Dad said, he does... Especially when there are no
cupcakes waiting for him at his daughter's house!
Fair enough... But today, there are no more excuses!
By the way, while the cupcakes are from scratch, the frosting isn't!
I finally got my hands on that new Cool Whip frosting and, it's
amazing! I expected it to be super-sweet but it's not. It's delicious and,
just as creamy, fluffy and easy to pipe as homemade frosting. Step away
from the stand mixer... Forget the mess and fuss and grab the Cool Whip!
I know... Frosting from a tub goes against our baker's code;
however, when you're busy banging out five dozen cookies while
trying to get in some quality garden time too, you do what you
must to keep your dad away from the corner cupcake pushers!


  1. Your garden and flowers are always amazing. I cannot wait to see how the cookies turn out!! And please let me know how the cool whip frosting is. I don't think I have seen it yet in my grocery but it looks creamy and delicious on your cupcakes!!

  2. Your yard is so beautiful! Your flowers are so pretty. We have some azalea bushes, daffodils and croci, but we don't keep up the areas like we should.

    Thanks for giving your review about the Cool Whip frosting. I am thinking about getting some.

  3. Janet I love your garden and cookies. We finally got moved to our acreage and are working on transforming it into our own little paradise
    I hope we get to see more of your garden this Spring.Enjoy the visit w your parents. I miss my mom terribly and I love to heat about your adventures w yours.

    Hugs Valerie Cottage Making Mommy.

  4. I will be working on some sample cookies for an upcoming engagement party which will include a "save the date" cookie. I can't wait to see what you do with yours!

  5. Nice garden tour!!! You have some lovely iris! Is that a Kousa dogwood? Whatever it is - it photographs wonderfully! Have a great stay-cation with your family! :D

  6. Janet, you take us all on vacation by sharing your beautiful photography and spectacular gardens! Thank you! Absolutely love your new Iris beauties from Boose Family Farm! Great back story too. Had a great laugh reading about your Dad's cupcake escapade at the farmers market!
    He is too cute......and your mom on the mower.....what better way to tour the garden! Love it! Are those beautiful white shrubs Lace Cap Hydrangeas? Many thanks again for another burst of North Carolina Spring!

  7. After a post like that, all I can do is take a nap and dream of eating cupcakes and cookies in my dreams. What a beautiful life that would be. I'm late reading this and fear the cookie monster may chase after me in a nightmare instead, so I shall stay awake and do some more crafting.Hope your day is going well.


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